Windows 8 Release Preview Available for Download

The Windows 8 Release Preview is ready for download in ISO format from Microsoft’s servers: English 64-bit (x64) Download (3.3 GB) 32-bit (x86) Download (2.5 GB) Burn Windows 8 Release Preview ISO to a DVD Follow this guide to learn how to burn an ISO to a DVD. Create a bootable Windows 8 thumb drive Use […]

Install Windows 8 Release Preview from a USB Drive [How To]

The quickest way to get Windows 8 installed is to take a blank PC (or empty partition) and install Windows 8 from USB. What You’ll Need Blank partition/hard drive 4 GB USB drive (32 bit/64 bit ISO), 8 GB USB drive (64 bit ISO with developer tools) To install Windows 8 Release Preview from a […]

Enable or Disable Location Sensors in Windows 7 [How to]

The location sensors in Windows 7 enable your operating system and other software to adapt to your current geographical location. Of course, your computer must have a location sensor supporting hardware e.g., a GPS device, wireless WAN radios or other cellular triangulation technologies. Using these location sensors, your applications can know exactly where you are […]

Windows – 8 steps to get it right ?

Windows “version 8″ is upon us. Bringing changes to the old, the safe, the familiar. Some say the changes are for the best. Others dread them, swear to keep the Seven (or XP)  for a long time to come. Some even say they will never abandon XP as long as there’s hardware to support it. […]

Keep any Window Always on Top [How to]

Some of the programs that we use in Windows, have a system menu containing an option – Always on top.  If selected, this feature sets a window to be always on top of other windows. This is very useful if you want to work across multiple windows but want to focus more of your attention […]

The Windows Command Prompt—Beginner’s Guide

Previously, we asked you if you use the Windows command prompt and many of you answered by saying you do not. For those that do use the command line interface (CLI), many use it infrequently. In this guide: we’ll go through the basics of the command prompt, show you examples of how you can use […]

Add Image Preview in Right-Click Context Menu [How To]

Although you can set Windows Explorer to show you the thumbnails of all your pictures, it usually makes it slower to browse through different folders. Additionally it also creates multiple thumbs.db files in each folder and all such files may take up considerable amount of disk space. An alternative to thumbnail preview feature of Windows […]