AxCrypt: Password Protect and Encrypt Your Files in Windows

Time and time again, the story of a hacker stealing someone’s private pictures or videos is published in newspapers. The recent case is that of Sofia Vergara whose intimate pictures were hacked only a month ago and then were put on sale. Usually, the target of such a hacker is a celebrity as they expect […]

Get Your Computer to Say What You Type [How To] [Updated]

XP, Vista, 7, and Windows 8 come with a built in voice database, which you can access via the Microsoft SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface); in this guide, you’ll learn how to get your computer to say what you type using a short Visual Basic script that uses this API. If you’d rather skip the script, […]

Get Quick Access to the Control Panel, Run Dialog, Command Prompt, and more with Windows Key+X [Quick Tip]

If you’re using Windows 8 and are primarily in the desktop view, you may find yourself jumping to the Start screen often to launch common applications like the Control Panel, the Command Prompt, or Device Manager. To save the jumping around and work a little more efficiently, Microsoft have provided a shortcut menu, accessible from […]

9 Ways to Improve Wireless Connectivity for Your Computer

Everyone knows how frustrating a sketchy Wi-Fi signal can be. You’re about to send an important file. You’re about to Skype with your sister who lives in Australia. And then the signal goes dead, and your wireless internet goes down without warning. You may even work from home, and the sketchy Wi-Fi means a consistently […]

Windows 8 Poll: pointy haired boss read an article….

As promised last week I would publish the results of our little poll on Windows 8. Thank you for participating. From what I can see, our readers are early adopters. 52% Have installed Windows 8, and 39% use it as their only OS. Only 13% reported to have deleted the OS all together. Here’s a […]