Vision – Looking to the future.

In what is becoming a time honoured MITPro tradition I am looking forward, beyond Launch, beyond our holiday party, to the Annual General Meeting, scheduled for the 16th of January.

In the middle of January, 2005 the inaugural board of directors met at the Microsoft offices in Montreal and created a community where there had previously been none.

Prior to our first AGM in mid-January 2006 that group of dedicated individuals met once again to agree on the direction of the group.  We discussed the not-yet ratified bylaws and made some difficult decisions about where we wanted to go.

As we fast approach our second anniversary of that first meeting I am excited to see the community growing organically in directions that are not solely my own, but yours too.  That is why I am excited that prior to our AGM, scheduled for the 16th of January 2007, we will be holding an evening of Vision and Direction. 

For the first time the Executive and Board will meet with a group of members who will share ideas for the group.  Some of those ideas will become group policy and will be the direct result of member participation rather than solely management edict.

Can you believe we have come this far?  Do you want to help take us where we will go?  E-mail us and we’ll give you the details!

Changing your Live Passport Address

In Rick’s honour I have entered my last Summary!

A participant in my seminar was lamenting to me that he had recently changed jobs, and all of his passport associations were on an account that was affiliated with his old company, ergo clients pinging him on-line would still see the old company name.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could reassociate all of your information with a new passport?

Just like a real passport the issuer (in this case Microsoft) does not really want you holding two, so though that would theoretically be possible it would be very inconvenient to do.  What they do allow is for you to ‘change your legal passport name’, or actually change the e-mail address that is associated with your passport.

Before I send you on your way you should know that this will not work if your passport address is from an associated domain, so if you are or this will not work.  Sorry!

  • Log in to

  • Next to your address there will be a option to Change.

Have fun!