Process Template for Scrum: Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0

Today Microsoft released its first true Scrum process template for TFS. Even if the MSF for Agile template has been used by many Scrum teams it doesn’t always have the right terminology (i.e. Product Backlog Item would map to User Story, Sprint Backlog Item to Task and so on) and it feels a bit unnecessary having to do the translation between the generic terms and the Scrum ones. With the new template for Scrum these obstacles goes away.

The process template includes the following work item types for managing work with TFS:

  • Product backlog item
  • Bug
  • Task
  • Sprint
  • Impediment
  • Test case
  • Shared step

There are also a good set of reports included:

  • Release Burndown
  • Velocity
  • Sprint Burndown
  • Test Case Readiness
  • Test Plan Progress
  • Build Summary
  • Build Success Over Time

I’ve looked at the template and it feels like a really nice choice for those wanting to use Scrum and TFS. You get the Scrum terms out of the box and the right metrics to follow up on. It’s also nice to see the Sprint work item type that makes it easier to get the default values and not having to enter these all the time.

Download the new process template here.

Read about the process on MSDN here.

There’s also a introduction to Scrum here.

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