OData Service for Team Foundation Server 2010

Yesterday Microsoft released a beta of a new interesting extension to TFS 2010 – the OData Service for Team Foundation Server 2010. This is a new way to get to the data in TFS using the Open Data Protocol (OData, http://www.odata.org/) instead of the web services and .NET object model. This means it will be much easier to consume TFS information from any device on any platform which supports HTTP requests.

If you have a project hosted on Codeplexhttp://www.codeplex.com/ there’s already a cloud-hosted service up for using OData to get to your TFS project there. Go to https://codeplexodata.cloudapp.net for documentation on how to use that.

See Brian Keller’s announcement of the OData Service plus a link to a video demonstration of what you can do with the service.

I’m installing the bits now, let’s see what we can do with it. To be continued…