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New TFS Work Item Status Board from Telerik

I just found out that Telerik has just announced a new tool for visualizing work in TFS. The application is build with WPF and has a really slick UI:

Key features of the TFS Work Item Manager include:

  • Work Item grid filtering, grouping, and aggregation
  • Area and Iteration filtering using single and multi select modes
  • Filter query results using a tree of areas or iterations
  • Unique Task board view of work items independent from any process templatePrint work item cards for the board in your room
    Iteration schedule
  • Paste clipboard contents into a work item
  • “New Query by example” saves your query for other team members
  • Search the title and description of query results as you type
  • Built with RadControls for WPF

There’s also a configurable dashboard to go with this and both tools should work with the MSF project templates.

You can download the Telerik Tools for Team System here. And it’s free!