Politics, Religion and New Groups

Over the year I have note a few things that will bring up a big debate and sometimes an argument. Just post something in a NG about politics or religion you have a thread that will run three times or more than any other in the newsgroup. Also I have been eating at work in the past and have to leave the lunch room to find a peaceful place to eat after somebody started to talk about one of these subjects. So why am I posting this in my Blog.


Well something happen to me in my family this weekend. In order to not to make this a partisan view. I will be careful how I tell this story. I asked my Father for a sign of one party for my yard about two months ago. He told me he could get me one. So two day ago I got a call from my mother telling me ‘’ that your father has you a sign that is 8 ft long and if you put it in your yard I will never come back to visit you again’’.  I said “I told him I wanted one”. My mother told me “listen you heard what I saided and you tell him not to put it up”. I laughed and she hung up the phone, then I realized that she was very serious.


Well I love my mother and I am paying for this house I live in. So I feel like I can do what I want in my yard. I am not trying to disrespect her but, it is my choose to put up this sign. So I decide I would put it up.  Well my father brought the sign knowing what my mother had told me and when I told him to go ahead and put it up. It was like I had voted for him for president. , he spark up and ran out there. He had that sign up in no time and he is about 80 years old. 


Well I called my mother and asked her what the problem with the sign was, that if you and dad have a problem, don’t get me in the middle of it. I wanted that sign a long time ago. She ask me “Did you have him put it up” and I said “yes“.  My mother said “you know the deal then *click*”.


I have not talked to her since the sign has been up in my yard and she would call me every day. Geez, I think it would have be better to post my views in a NG next time. Sure am glad that this only comes every 4 years. November 2nd  will be here soon and I can take it down. Then I think I will put in my sons room so she will not go in there. I kind of scared to talk about Religion now.


Praying for Mom’s politician to win


2 thoughts on “Politics, Religion and New Groups”

  1. Amen, to that JD (btw – does that stand for John Delmer?). As heard recently after the election on an NPR station, the commentator (speaking to himself) askes, "Who are these people?", only to admit to himself, "They’re my people, God love ’em."

  2. That is a statement to remember. I once gave a safety meeting which at the beginning I pull up the projector screen that coved the chalkboard. Being nervous I pick up this piece of chalk. Got through with my speech and was asked why did you get the chalk and did not use it during your speaking. My reply was “That was to get your attention and it must have worked”.


    James Donnelly

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