Blender 2.43 RC1 Released at BlenderNation

The Blender Team have released the first RC of Version 2.43.

The release of 2.43 beta show that the developers are in the final stages of testing, and from the changes that have been made, Blender users should start testing, testing, testing.  You can find the builds for all operating systems here.  If you do find something amiss when working with RC1, be sure to post the problem to the bug tracker.

Link to 2.43 RC1 Released at BlenderNation

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Reflection for the Year

I have been reading a lot of posts that are reflecting on the past year, So I thought that I would put one together.

Starting off and Finishing the Year with an Award

Well for me the Year started off well with an MVP in Windows DirectX, this was the first time that I had received the award so it was very different and a new experience. In the beginning I thought that it meant I had to do more now that I had it, but in the end I realized that You do not have to do much more, just keep up your community spirit and help when called upon. And the good thing is that Now 1 year on I have received the award again, tank you Microsoft and the Community.

Welcome Sarah and a new Career

The year moved on and my wife and I welcomed our Second born Sarah to the world, and our first born Michael started his first day at school. After a small bit my Career was changed and I moved from being in System Support and Network Administration, to taking up a position as a Project Manager and Database Administrator (Which I have done for a while).

A Slow down on MDX and a 360

On the Game Development Side due to the restructure of my Career I decided to start my own business and see what I can do (Nothing much happening but still hoping). During the Year we were told about a new system coming into play called XNA. With this I decided to just flow with the managed DirectX side of things and see what happened while we waited for XNA to be reveled.

To keep me entertained while we were waiting for XNA, I had and am having a fun time playing with my Kids and watching them grow. But To keep myself entertained I also bought myself an Xbox 360…… The main reason for this was the upcoming release of XNA and the introduction of a new breed of Homebrew Xbox 360 Developers, the other was just for me :). So if anyone is up for a game I am always more then willing.

Welcome XNA and a new Community

XNA Was released and we where taken to the next level… With the release of the betas we were kept busy for the first few months trying to keep up with the new sites and communities starting up there XNA Development Projects, We also saw a huge increase in the activity on the game dev forums on MSDN. Some of these sites are still running but Many of them have dropped of or are working together. The next big change was the release of the second beta for XNA, this included the content pipeline and some major changes to the system. This made us all rethink and also introduced another flood to the communities.

Towards the end of the year we where given the final release of the XNA Framework and Game Studio Express (Version 1.0)

Finishing Off

Just to finish off the small post. I personally have had some major changes to my life over the year which have all ended up being for the Best, but in the world of Managed Game Development we have also had some major changes and welcomed some new faces.

Building an Australian XNA Community

I know that over the world the XNA Community is starting to grow, but I would like to try an concentrate on Building a good string community of XNA Developers in Australia, for those who are interested in banding together and building a community please feel free to contact me so that we can get it started. I have been putting the word out for a little while and have had a couple of people contact me, but I do know that there are more out there.

Anyway got to go for now, I hope that this coming year is still as productive as the last without the major changes….

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