XNA Rare Examples for Download

The UK XNA User group have published a heap of XNA Examples, Note that these samples are all pre refresh so there may be some small code changes needed.

When Microsoft released version 1.0 of the XNA Framework they had a couple of parties, one of them here in England. If you were there then chances are you got hold of some of Rare’s XNA tests that they coded up. If you weren’t there then now you can.

We have several new downloads available, from simple examples to full-on 3D platformers with in-game editors. There’s loads of good code to pore over. You can get them in our downloads section. Oh, one thing most of them are setup for the Xbox 360, but the code is still good for Windows.”

But for anyone starting out this would be a good collection to look at and learn from. Also included in the downloads are some sample models, sounds and sprites that you can use.

  • Asteroids [Xbox 360 Only] 1 to 4 player game. Plays like a cross between asteroids and gravity wars.

  • BetaBlocka [Xbox 360 Only] Breakout clone.

  • Deformable Height Map [Xbox 360 Only] Shows a real-time deformable height map terrain. You can deform the height map by firing at the ground.

  • Hello World [Xbox 360 Only] Basic example of getting started with XNA.

  • Jump’n’Run 2D [Xbox 360 Only] 2D platformer with paralax scrolling and in-game editor.

  • Knight In A Room [Xbox 360 Only] 3D puzzle/platformer with in-game editor.

  • Lava Mountain [Xbox 360 Only] Expands on the deformable height map example to provide a character that can be moved around the landscape and alter it by using different types of grenades.

  • Music Game [Xbox 360 Only] A rhythm action game demonstrating advanced sound techniques.

  • Particle System [Xbox 360 Only] Example of a 3D particle system. Uses an interesting generator technique for easily generating values for the various particle system parameters.

  • Reach For The Stars [Xbox 360 Only] Marble Blast like game where you control a rolling, jumping marble. Navigate 3D platforms that can be moving and spinning to reach for the star.

  • Rolly Ball [Xbox 360 Only] Roll a ball around avoiding red sectors and hitting green sectors.

  • Sample 3D Models A selection of 3D models in various file formats.

  • Sample Music Selection of music tracks from Rare’s composers.

  • Sample Sprites Selection of sprite textures.

  • Simple Font [Xbox 360 Only] Shows how to draw text using a custom font renderer.

  • Simple Game Template Shows simple game state/screen management.

  • Space Invader [Xbox 360 Only] Um, it’s space invaders but this time you (up to 4 of you) are the invaders!

  • Tanx [Xbox 360 Only] 2-4 player top down tank game.

  • Witching [Xbox 360 Only] Witchy, 2.5D bullet hell shoot ’em up.

Here is the direct Link to the Downloads Page.

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XNA Pod Cast

XNA Gamer has posted a small post about XNA and Pod Casting, he talks about a small proposal to publish a Regular pod cast based around the XNA World. He also asks that if anyone is interested in it to drop him a line.

“So heres my proposal: a biweekly podcast about everything XNA. Interviews and so on included wherever possible, but primarily I guess I would spend my time talking about my personal progress using XNA and the Microsoft Creators Club, and of course XNA news.”

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Nick Baker talks Xbox 360 Architecture on Channel 9

There is a new Video on Channel 9 with Nick Baker. In this Video Nick talks about the Architecture of the Xbox 360.

”What is the XBox 360, exactly? How do you go about designing and building a game console that meets the high standards of today’s gamers and handles the computational pressures of today’s highly realistic games (think real time physics computation, incredibly rich graphics, etc)? Did you know the XBox 360 team saw into the multi-core future before most anybody else?”

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XNA UK User Group – XNA Competition

The UK XNA User Group have started a new Competition for all you XNA Developers.

“We’re hosting this competition, with support from Microsoft, to kick-off the formation of the XNA UK User Group. A unique element of this competition, and one of the goals of the user group, is to encourage collaboration between creatives and developers. We believe that games are more dynamic when the composition across game development, art and sound flows. We hope to join these communities to produce better all round games.

You can choose from three categories, each one focusing on a key area of game development. Select from one of the categories below to find out more about each category.

In order to enter this competition you must be a UK resident and a member of the XNA UK User Group. We will be telling the user group how to register and submit competition entries in the very near future. Feel free to get started on your competition entries in the mean time!”

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2D Physics Resources

The Guys over at Dark Industrial Engines have been doing some research on 2D Physics systems and Methods for their projects.

“The last few days I’ve been trying to learn about physics in 2D games, and on the way I’ve found some pretty useful tutorials and resources, which have helped me progress.

2D Physics in PlayBasic
2D Physics 101 <– Very good.
Applying Physics to your game
Sin and Cos: The Programmers’ Pals!

Plus I found some interesting Physics engines as well, such as…

Farseer Physics Engine
Newton Physics Engine
XNA Physics API


Drop on over and have a look, if you have any suggestions on some other resources you can always post them here, or comment on the Dark Industrial Blog.

On another note Dark Industrials Next post is also on Physics

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XNA and Elemental Gravity

XNAGamer (an Xbox360 Gamer turned XNA enthusiast) has posted a small article and a good example of using Physics in your XNA Application.

“Finally got a chance to make use of some of what I’ve read from the great Physics for Game Programmers book by Grant Palmer.”

“A couple things to note before downloading, its currently set to calculate according gravity according to the normal Earth, so it should be pretty obvious if something is off. Additionally, it should be exactly accurate – I caclculated how fast the ball should fall on the screen relative to a screen with 96 dots per inch, which I guess wasnt necessary but I liked the thought of being able to do that.

Oh, and finally – because the ball falls at the speed of gravity, its going to fall fast. so to move it click the mouse anywhere onscreen and the ball will reposition itself there so it can fall again etc. I’ve placed an imaginary barrier part-way down the window just so it doesnt disapear alltogether. You can also increase your distance from the source of gravity – thus making the gravity far less powerful.”

Download the Sample and Give it a go, you might find something that will help your Project.

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XNA Article on Destructoid

In this Weekends Reading article, Dick McVengeance gives XNA a little look and a small section in his article, It is worth a read, but most of us have seen and heard much of what he talks about. Is interesting though to see that some of the people commenting on the article have not had much to do with it or understand the XNA systems. It shows us that even though the XNA Framework is popular there are still those out there that we need to get in touch with and pass the word.

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3D Version of Tower Defence in XNA

Looks like there is another Tower Defence game in the works, but the difference this time is that this version is in 3D. Sofar they have been working on the engine and toolset for the project, as well as the Terrain generation.

But one of the things that are good about this project is that the authors are using windows forms with XNA, and including Docking windows.

I have not been able to find any reference to a code download, so if you find one please email me as I would love to have a look. Please make sure you drop over have a read look at the pretty pictures and offer feedback to the authors of the project.

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Free Stock Photos and Images

Looking for that Life like texture for your next game model or background, have a look at this site.

“Browse and search our photo gallery of over 7.000 royalty free, high resolution stock photos, templates and logos to use in your personal and educational design projects. You can now share your own photos by signing up as a photograper and help us give something back to the community. “

With this resource of Stock Photos you should be able to create the next best texture for your game or background, doing a quick browse of the site I saw serveral photes that I could use a small section to create a texture map for some of the projects I am working on. Maybe they will help you on your next project.

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Freebies Roundup of Icons Buttons and templates

Going through my normal web searching I came across this Post

“Visual design elements can considerably improve the readability of the page. Using them, you can make it easier for your users to scan the presented content and find the information they’re actually looking for. Icons can draw reader’s attention to the key aspects of the article and visualize the topic of the post. Buttons can be used to motivate users to some particular actions; and templates are supposed to help designers to create user-friendly interface elements right away. And whatever aim you’d like to achieve, free visual design elements are always useful – simply because they can give your text content a better visual appearance.

We’ve selected fresh high quality icons, buttons, vector graphics, templates and layouts. You might know some of them, but hopefully not all of them.”

Please make sure that when you do find something you like, you make sure that it can be used in your current project. Some of the So Called Freebies will only be able to be used in Personal Projects…. But yet again some of them can be used in Commercial Projects…

Make sure you understand the media and restrictions on it before you use it.

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