Ireland’s Call on Guitar Hero X-Plorer for the PC and XBox 360

Came across an interesting post this morning, Robert Burke has put together a set of small programs that allow you to use the Guitar Hero X-Plorer controller to play Ireland’s call on the PC or the Xbox 360.

“If you have the Guitar Hero X-Plorer controller for the XBox360, here’s an XNA application that will let you play Ireland’s Call (a.k.a. “The Rugby Song”) on your PC or XBox360. This was my finale at Rob’s Last Stand last week.

This game is a bit more “free form” than the real Guitar Hero, in that you aren’t prompted visually with when you should play each chord. Instead, as you play, fireworks go off in sync with the music that match the colours of the notes you’re playing.”

In the sample Robert uses the Particle sample from the Creators site and he supplies both the PC and Xbox 360 versions of his application.

Here is the link to the Post.

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