XNA Content Update – September

The XNA Guys have released another round of Content Update to the Creators Site. This update includes samples showing Hightmap Collisions, a Custome Model Class, some new Utilities and Images as well as a New Article on 3D Collision.

From the XNA Team Blog… 


  • Collision with a Heightmap This sample demonstrates how to move objects along a heightmap, useful when creating a game that requires interaction between moving objects and terrain. It is based on the Generated Geometry sample, which creates a landscape from a bitmap.


  • Custom Model Class
    This sample shows how to go beyond the limits of the Model class that comes built in to the XNA Framework, loading geometry data into a custom class that can be extended more easily to cope with specialized requirements.

  • Mesh Instancing
    This sample shows how to efficiently render many copies of the same model, using GPU instancing techniques to reduce the cost of repeated draw calls.
  • Shatter
    This sample shows how you can apply an effect on any model in your game to shatter it apart.


  • Curve Editor
    This utility provides an easy-to-use visual editor for creating curves for use with the XNA Framework Curve class. The curve control used to display and edit curves inside the editor can also be imported into your own applications.

  • Input Reporter
    This utility displays input data for all controllers connected to the system. The utility supports multiple controller types, including flight sticks, dance pads, and guitars.

  • Xbox 360 Controller Button Glyphs
    This utility is a set of images that represent the buttons, thumbsticks, and triggers on the Xbox 360 Controller.


  • Ship Game Article – 3D Collision using the BoxCollider library
    This supplemental article introduces the BoxCollider library provided in Ship Game. BoxCollider is a collision detection and response library that features an octree implementation, collision response with friction effects, and prebuilt collision-aware camera classes.

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Project – Xillian

Over the past few years I have been playing around with different forms of 2d shooters and have tried to get several projects off the ground. But last week I had some sort of flash and decided to get something done…. and here it is.

Xillian is an XNA Based 2D Shooter that I have been working on the idea for a while, but recently have decided to take the idea to completion. All of the Artwork for the Game has been created using the Blender system, with some tweaks inside Photoshop. Here is a link to a small post I made about the Artwork.

At the moment the project is incomplete, but is playable.


The current system Includes. 

  • 3d Models Rendered as Sprites

  • Full Scrolling Background

  • Difficulty increases as you move through the Levels

  • Particle Systems for the Explosions

  • Full Controller Support as well as the Keyboard

  • Sound Systems for the Effects

Still to Come…

  • User Interface improvements

  • Game State, including menus.

  • Scoring Systems

  • More Baddies, and AI Functions for them.

  • Plus more as I think of it….

Direct Link to the Download… 

Please have a go and tell me what you think, but remember that this is only a Work In Progress and I will be adding to it as I can.

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Xillian project and Artwork

I had a quiet day yesterday and decided to do some more work on my Xillian Project (Oneday I will finish it, and for those who are interested the project is for a 2D shooter using the XNA System). With the project I have mainly been working with some old sprites that I had lying around, these sprites are ok but they are a little bright. So I have decided to drop them down a layer. After looking for a bit I could not find the orginal model that I used for the sprite (Originally got it from TurboSquid). But while looking I had a small idea for a design and decided to run with it, after a couple of hours work and some playing with the model this is what I came up with…

And here is a Textured Version.

And Finally one with a nice Background…

All of the Models and Pictures have been done using Blender, any thoughts on the artwork are more then welcome.

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Blender 3D – Simple Abstract Model

I have been hearing and reading several posts where people have been asking for Tutorials on getting started with 3d Modeling for Games, as well as articles on where to start with Blender 3D. I did a post a few weeks back that took you through the process of getting Blender running, exporting your model and then displaying it inside and XNA Based Application. I thought that I would continue on with writing some modeling tutorials using the Blender 3D System.

So here is the first of hopefully many…

This tutorial will take you through the simple process of modeling a simple abstract shape in the Blender 3D Application, during the tutorial I will use several of the built in tools to modify the model. These tools will include the Extrude and Merge Methods, as well as Box Selecting objects and a quick look at some of the display and navigation tools.

Here is a small image of the model that we will be creating.

Here is a Direct Link to the Tutorial…

Blender 3D – Simple Abstract Model

Please if you have any comments or feedback please post, also if you do like the tutorial you could always donate to the site using the PayPal button at the top of the Page.

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Blender 2.45 Release Candidate 2

The Blender Team have released the latest Release Candidate, the good news is that we can expect the full release to be next week some time. Here is the Original Article.

More bugfixes are going to make it in 2.45… so here’s another candidate for testing.

Blender 2.45 is going to be a bugfix release, to stabilize the 2.4x series.
No new feature have been added, but serious effort has been put in tracking bugs and fixing them. Some performance issues have also been addressed.

Here you can get the 2.45 release candidate #2:

The actual 2.45 release is scheduled next week.

Compared to the previous RC the changes are:

  • FBX export now works for armature/poses
  • Fixes in Collada export
  • Shadow calculation bug fix

The most important Bug Fixes in 2.45 are:

  • SSS work with panorama render
  • Remove artifacts with negative lights using SSS
  • Disable SSS better for preview rendering, so it does not slow down other preview render at all.
  • Fix error in Transform Constraint with planar constraints when the plane was perpendicular to the viewport.
  • Fix a Vector blur error in “Ztransp” that produce black lines (on edges) appeared, which didn’t get blurred away.
  • Fix a error in the Particle System that cause bad result in command line renders especially or in rendering first frame of animation.
  • Fix Verse crashing in 64 bits Linux.
  • Math node now has reflective behavior.
  • Importing 3DS files with lamps failed.
  • Bundled python modules were not included in 2.44 by accident, making some scripts fail in 2.44 that worked in 2.43 (Windows Only, when Python was not installed)

A complete list of bugfixes for this release can found here.

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Article on Getting Started with XNA and Game Studio Express

For those that are just starting out with XNA and Game Studio Express, Ed Dunhill has put together a small article that may help you out.

“I was recently asked to write a guide to getting started with XNA to be published in a guide we will be distributing this year. As I was writing it I was thinking this would be great for the blog so now its finished here it is!”, Ed Dunhill

Here is the Direct Link to the Article.

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OzBoxLive TV – Halo 3 Conference

 OzBoxLive have recorded their first Live TV Cast, the first is from the Halo 3 Conference in Sydney.

“In this first episode of OzBoxLive TV we head up to Sydney for the Halo 3 Conference. See exclusive footage of the multiplayer game in an 8 Player Tournament. Pete has a chat with Luke from MyGEN, Dean the Halo 2 Australian Champion, Brad the Event Organiser and David McLean from Microsoft Australia.”

Online Videos by Veoh.com


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