Game Connect – Asia Pacific 2007

The Game Connect Asia Pacific is coming around again this year in November, being held in Melbourne on the 15, 16, and 17th of November. 

The premier conference, exhibition and networking event for the ASIA Pacific Game Industry, will be held in Melbourne, Australia between the 15 and 17 of November, 2007. Game Connect 2007 will include an Investors Forum and Skills Summit. GCAP is proudly hosted by the Game Developer’s Association of Australia (GDAA) with support from the Victorian State Government. Game Connect: Asia Pacific will focus on best practice, learning, discussion, growth of game development, sharing of knowledge and will deliver a stimulating technical program featuring leaders in the field of game development.”

Here is a link to the Welcome Message from Greg Bondar (CEO GDAA Game Developers’ Association of Australia (GDAA)), and a link to the Conferences Home Page.

List of Speakers

  • Susan O’Connor, Writer, Susan O’Connor Writing Studio

  • Hitoshi Sakimoto, Composer

  • Paul Holman, Vice President of Euro R&D, Sony Computer Entertainment

  • Pete Isensee, Director XNA Development Connection, Microsoft

  • Jason Della Rocca, Executive Director, International Game Developers Association

  • Matt Costello, Writer and Games Designer

  • Brian Christian, VP Product Development, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

  • Careen Yapp, Vice President of Licensing and Business Development, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

  • Tony Albrecht, Senior Engine Programmer, Pandemic Studios

  • Cameron Dunn, Chief Technical Officer, IR Gurus

  • Andrew Bailey, Chief Technical Officer, Tantalus Media Melbourne

  • Kirk Gibbons, Art Director, Pandemic Studios

  • Adam Myhill, Sr. Technical Artist, Pandemic Studios

  • Keith Steury, Research Director, UsabilityOne

  • David Hewitt, Creative Director, Tantalus

  • Adam Simpson, Managing Director, Simpsons Solicitors

  • Davyd Norris, Senior IT Architect, IBM Rational Software

  • Robert Walkley, Lead Programmer, IR Gurus

  • Mark Fludder, Information Industries Bureau, Queensland Government

  • Margot Ingolby, Manager ICT Investment & Business Development, Multimedia Victoria

  • Amelia King, Manager, Digital Media Fund, Film Victoria

  • Morgan Jaffit, Lead Designer, Pandemic Studios

  • Steve Fawkner, CEO, Infinite Interactive

  • Warren Currell, Sherpa Games

  • Craig Blair, Executive Director, netus Pty Ltd

The base program has been setup which includes several of the sessions.

If anyone is going along and is interested in catching up drop me an email and I will see what we can orgainise.

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