SNEngine – XNA Based Game Engine

Sneftrup is currently working on an XNA based engine for his Imagine Cup Entry, at the moment there is not much to talk about but as soon as he feels the engine is ready for the public he plans on releasing it.

“I’m currently working on a game engine in XNA that going to be the engine used for my Imagine Cup game. I’ve named it SNEngine, (SNeftrup Engine), and it’s my first attempt at building a complete game engine. I’m using XNA, and so far, this is the current features of SNEngine.

  • Basic scene control using a scenegraph
  • Skyboxes
  • Multiple cameras
  • Input handling using a simple input manager

As soon as I have something I deem ready for the public, I will release my SNEngine.”

 Good luck with the project and good luck with your Imagine Cup Entry.

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