Game Development 101 – The Start

After only just posting about Pieter’s new project, he has posted the first small article. In this first article he goes through the simple prototyping for the game and talks about the type of game that he is going to be putting together.

First I created a solution and properly decided what I was going to do, the game will be a simple strategy game, but with some nice twists which will become clearer as we move on.

And here is a brief rundown of the objects he is working on.

We need a terrain for our tanks and soldiers to walk on, so a terrain object was necessary.
Soldier, Tank
We need soldiers and tanks that will walk on our terrain, this goes for us and the enemy player.
We need to create a world and this is what the Skybox will be, some people prefer a skysphere, but we will just use a box and this will contain our atmosphere (we need to breath) 🙂
We need some way to control our players don’t we?
We cannot live without this, we need to be able to give commands to the players by clicking on a command and ordering our troops to get going with whatever command we gave it.

Looks like this is going to be an interesting project, here is a link to the post.

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