Game Development 101 – using XNA

One of our fellow MVPs, Pieter Germishuys or fame is finally jumping back into the XNA Scene. Peter is planing on putting a small development series together that will use the XNA System.

So, after a series of discussions with community members, it seems that I will be doing a series on XNA-GSE. I am starting tonight and will blog my progress as I continue. Think of it as a game developer blog. I am thinking of creating a cute and fun game to play.

The game won’t be intense with physics but I think it will be an awesome adventure and the game will evolve as you guys (the community) add your comments. I want you to interact with me and tell me what you want to see.

The plan is to start tonight and blog my progress as well as the tools I am going to use and so on.

Currently, I am going to use C# Express and XNA-GSE, there will be a physics library used but we will see later what that entails.

Stay tuned… 🙂


If Pieter follows his previous articles this coming series will be one to watch.

Here is a direct link to the Blog Post.

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