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Rob Miles has put together a new Web Site called VerySillyGames, with this site he plans to put together a collection of Very Silly Games that you can download that will include the full Source code.

Over time we are going to build up a “Library of Gameplay silliness” from which you can pull down fully working XNA games you can play instantly on your computer or, once you have joined the XNA Creators Club, on your Xbox 360.

Currently there are 4 games online that you can look at and try.

Gamepad Racer

“Perhaps the ultimate example of a Zero Graphics Game, with nobody watching the screen but all eyes on the gamepads as they jostle for position, using the mysterious, ancient power of gravity to traverse a treacherous course at the end of which there can only be one winner”.

Mob Reaction Timer

“Recreate the gladiatorial thrill of warrior against warrior in this game in which the very essence of human competition is exposed in a test of one of the fundamental survival skills. Sixteen players can take part in a single game, each straining to hear the distinctive sound of wooden spoon on pan half full of water, and respond in the briefest possible time. To the winner go the bragging rights, writ large in well formed white letters. To the loser goes the bitter taste of absolute defeat. Until next time…..”


“The cool hypnotic mood squares provide a colourful, ever changing backgrop to the crisply rendered text with perfectly formed shadows behind each ivory letter which is lovingly rendered to three dimensional perfection. The time, obtained from a precision quartz mechanism which ticks to an atom-synchronised beat, is also provided at no additional cost and take this remarkable application to an even higher plane of wonder.”


“Stretch your mind and test your perception at the very bounds of endurance. The simple premise of picture matching finds its ultimate realisation as you struggle to connect each picture with its mate against a steadily ticking clock. With a huge number of different images and more possible combinations than there are atoms in the universe, truly this is a game that only those with the strongest mental capacities can grapple with.”

Go a head and try them, look at the source code and please give Rob your feedback. Also remember that Rob is also putting a book together, maybe this site is a good indication of what is coming up in his book.

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