Congratulations to the Dream Build Play 2008 Warm up Winners

Congratulations to the Dream Build Play 2008 Warm up Winners

If you drop over to the Dream Build Play site you will notice that the Winners of the Dream Build Play Warm up Challenge have been announced.

Each of the 5 Winners will receive some cool prizes

  • $3,000 stipend and expo passes to the 2008 Game Developers Conference

  • Interviews for internships at Microsoft Research, Lionhead Studios and Rare Ltd.

  • 1-year subscription to the XNA Creators Club

Here is the list of Winners…

Conquerator, Nicholas B & Gillian A,

In this two player strategy game, each player controls nodes on a map. By defending your own nodes and attacking the nodes of the other player, your goal is to eliminate your opponent from the map. Compete with a friend or battle one of three AI players.

Hive, Nancy M,

This game puts you in the middle of a “hive mind” colony of robotic creatures. You can’t control the hive, but you can use your individual robot to influence the colony to attack, defend or harvest resources. To win, master the complex hive communication system, and build new attack robots to destroy enemy bots.

iSheep, Markus J & Remo Z,

You’re a sheepdog, tasked with herding a flock of AI sheep into a pen. The challenge is to anticipate the flock’s behaviour before they run away. As you move through the progressive, timed levels, learn to manage speed, direction changes and distance between animals. Once you master the flock, you win!

Orblast, John M,

Based on the maze arcade games of the early 1980s, Orblast is modernized with AI innovations. While you run the maze, AI enemies seek out and attack you using a two-tiered AI system. Train the erratic AI orbs to work with you, not against you, and you’ll have what it takes to win the game.

Specimen, Brent S,

You are a scientist researching a new specimen with the hopes of finding a much-needed cure. Your research partner: An AI who helps you along the way, but seems to have an alternate agenda. While you breed the specimen, it learns and adapts-making it harder to control. To win, outsmart the evolving specimen and your AI to find the cure!

Keep an eye out on the Dream Build Play site as details of the Main Event are coming soon.

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Comparing 3d Modelling Software

Over the last few years I have tried my hand at most of the 3D modelling software packages. During this time I have found that each has their own strengths and weakness. But in general they can all do the job, and it all boils down to the task at which you wish to perform.

Today I had some time on my hands, and doing the normal procrastinating I went through some of the old website links that I have collected over the years. On one of them I found a link to a small article that compares the different 3D Modelling tools that are out there and offers some opinions on them.

In the article the author compares several different packages which all vary in cost.

  • Autodesk 3ds max 9 SP2

  • Autodesk Maya complete 8.5

  • Blender 3D 2.45

  • Luxology Modo 301

  • Maxon Cinema4D R 10.1

  • Newtek Lightwave 9.3

  • Softimage XSI Foundation 6.2

If you ever wanted starting in 3D creation today, you probably need to know with which 3D applications package with you will feel better and which is the most suitable for you and business?

Many new CG artists try many softwares before really starting their 3D business, that’s of courses the best solution to try out and know if you feel comfortable with one than other, so after you can’t know all specs of all 3D softwares when starting in 3D…

Here is a comparison table with cons. and pro. For the most know today top industries 3D applications. This table isn’t intended to be complete with all softwares features available but try to surround the common today 3D cg artist tasks.

Here is the Direct Link to the Article, it is well worth a read and you might find that the cheaper options may be all you need to get the job done.

In relation to XNA and Game Development you will find that each of the applications that are reviewed in this article will be able to be used to create you content in one way or another. I would be interested in getting feedback on your experiences with each of the packages in relation to Game Development and the XNA Framework.

To gather this feedback I have created a forum post and poll. Link to the Forum Post

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XNA Team Interview – Eli Tayrien

Nazeeh continues the XNA Team Interviews, the current interview is with Eli Tayrien.

Who are you and what do you do at XNA?

I’m Eli Tayrien, a developer for XNA Game Studio. I focus mostly on the framework and content pipeline areas of things. I’ve also worked on some of the educational content found on Hmmm.. what else do I do at XNA? Try to drive Nazeeh and Klucher as crazy as possible with weird music.

 Here is the Direct Link to the Interview, keep them comming…

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XNA Battleship

This is a good example to show how easy it is to put a game together with the XNA Framework. The author here has put together a good small version of Battleship using the XNA Framework.

In this example it took Dubayou about 4 hours to put it together (With some more time to work on the Graphics).

“I haven’t posted in a while so i figured I would mention a game i am working on for my computer science 421 game development class. It had to be a 2d game and since i have already started on my 3d game using the Irrlicht Engine i choose to go with Microsoft XNA Framework to develop on. I wrote the main functionality of the game in a little under 4 hours last Saturday. And have done a handfull of revisions to the GFX over the last 48 hrs. More info on this game can be found on its new project page (”

Here is a Direct Link to the Download Page.

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Microsoft and Caligari join forces

Going through my normal searches and the news just seem to jump out, “Caligari Corp is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation”

“Dear Caligari community members,

I am pleased to announce that Caligari Corp has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. Specifically we will be working with the Virtual Earth team which is in the process of building out an immersive 3D Web experience. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out using the 3D mode at“, Roman Ormandy, CEO – Team Caligari

Here is a direct link to the post on  the True Space Forums.

Caligari are the devlopers of the following Products

I know that the joining forces has been made due to the virtual earth / live maps team, and nothing to do with XNA. But maybe this could mean that in the near future Microsoft will be able to supply the XNA Development community with a 3D Modeling package that will intergrate directly into the XNA Framework.

Here is a related post on the VirtualEarth and Live Maps Blog.

I will post more news when I find it.

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