Blender 3D – Game Scene Modelling

I came across this Video this morning that goes through the process of creating a Game Set or Scene using Blender 3D. Looking at the Scene created, this could be a good example and method to creating the base scenes for you XNA Games. The author of the video has said that he plans on going through the complete process and will update each week.

“this is part one in a series of short Demos/Tutorials with commentary that I have started on. they will be released each tuesday till I have finished.”


Have a look, and don’t forget to comment.

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XNA Game – Tile Map and Battle Scenes

For those who have not noticed yet Nick has been working on a Remake of the Tile Map Engine, you can view the articles, videos and samples on his Blog.

But this morning I came across the following video that uses some of the information in Nicks Video Series.


“This is the 3rd progress report on Project ShackRPG. This project is being done by one person, with roughly 3 months experience in programming.

Included in this demo is a test of the new TileEngine with a BIG scrollable map and collision detection with ‘rock’ tiles and screen borders. This is a modified version of the tile engine I wrote when I first started learning how to program mixed with some techniques from Nick Gravelyn’s tilemap tutorial series located at his blog at:

I also changed the battle system layout a bit based on feedback, and touched up some of the polish.

Next step for me is to work on the animations for enemy units, add some graphics (especially for the F(ight) D(efend) and R(run) icons in battle) and sound effects.

Further down the list I would like to do a basic scripting engine so I could put together small cutscenes.. but this is starting to look like an actual game! “

If you havn’t yet, please drop over and try Nicks Code

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Blender 3D Video Tutorial – Creating a Low Poly Character

In this simple Video Tutorial the author goes through the simple process of creating a low poly Characters body using the [Blender] Tools. This is a really good example of what you can get done quickly inside the Blender 3D Environment.


For those using XNA you should be able to export this model using the FBX Exporter and import it into your games, first though you would need to put a Head onto it.

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XNA Game – CaveIn 3D

I can across this really cool looking game “CaveIn 3D“.

In CaveIn, players assumes the role of a member of the Miner Rescue Team. They have been called in on a mission to rescue trapped miners in a dangerous and puzzle-filled 3D environment. The player starts the game choosing one of two heroes Johnny Red or Parker Blue. Once in the game, the player views the level from a 3rd person ¾ view camera and also has the assistance of a mini-map to help get an idea of the overall state of the game.


At the moment I do not know if the game is ready for download, or even if the author is going to release the source code. But from the looks of it the game has some real potential. Drop on over to the site, have a look and leave some feedback for the Author.

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XNA Racer Starter Kit Mod – Flying Car

I came across an interesting Mod done to the XNA Racer Starter Kit, the author has moderfied the system to include a Car that reminds be of the “Back to the Future” Movies.


“My XNA Racing Game Starter kit modification to Back To the Future style flying car race.

Changes done in source code:
Added PC joystick support
Added speed dependent altitude change
Added wheels turned down when airborn
(I will release source code on my webpage) “

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Using Blender 3D to Create a Star Field

One of the simple systems that you need for almost all of the XNA Applications is the ability to display a nice clean background; I know that not everyone likes the cornflower blue background for the default application.

With one of my projects I needed to draw a simple star field for the background. To do this I could have used one of the 2D drawing applications like Photoshop or the free Paint.Net, but I chose to use the 3D rendering system of Blender to draw my scene and render out the Background.

Here is a Direct Link to the Article, Also check out this page for a list of my Blender Tutorials as well as Several from the Community.

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