XNA – Skip Lancer Released

The guys from the Skip Lancer team have released the game for Download. On the site you can download the Windows and Xbox Versions of the Game.

I posted a link to some videos of the game earlier in the month, here is the Link for those who missed it.

Skip Lancer

“Play as Skip Lancer, a blue jay with ambitions of becoming the best stunt-bird in the world. Perform death-defying stunts and gain accreditation in the World Headquarters of Official Stunt-bird Heroes (WHOOSH).”


Game Features

  • Play as Skip Lancer, a rookie stunt-bird trying to become the best pilot in the industry.
  • Perform death-deifying stunts and overcome obstacles.
  • 2.5-D side-scrolling action.
  • Create your own levels with the built-in level editor.
  • Multiple objectives per level.
  • Compete against players for high scores.

System Requirements

PC Version

  • Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or higher.

  • A graphics card that supports Shader Model 1.1 or greater and DirectX 9.0c.
  • 150MB of hard disk space.

Xbox 360 Version

  • Xbox 360 Console with connected hard drive.
  • XNA Creators Club Subscription (might not be required in the near future).

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XNA Game – Barnyard Racer

Found a video of a Racing game I might actually play, Barnyard Racer. The game looks like it has a good set of ideas, but the main feature that I do like is the Track Editor.


Also if you are watching the Video the Programmers are looking for 3D Artists and have left an email for you to contact them on.

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XNA Game – Ring -O- Star

Here is an interesting video of a game developed using XNA.

“3D space simulator game created on XNA, Shader graphics and collision engine”


To me it looks like a good Flight Slaylom type game, any chance of seeing some source code or a demo for us to play?

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XNA Game – Castle

Nick Gravelyn is currently playing around with a simple platform game, from what I understand it is using his tile engine as a base, including some graphics supplied by http://www.xnadevelopment.com/.

Here is the third Preview that Nick has posted.


Decided to get some really basic AI into the game today. They move and fall just like the player reacting to the gravity modifying area and the gravity flip. I can also shoot them with fireballs to remove them. The video shows a basic 200 enemy spawning followed by a stress testing 6000 enemy spawn. The numbers in the top left are the number of enemies and the frame rate.

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GraffitiCMS – Migration from Community Server 2007

We I thought that I was finally ready to do the Data Migration.. I had played around with the Setup and install, then looked at the way the system worked. Next I dug into the basic themes and moved them around. The final task was to see if I could get my Blog data from the Community Server 2007 system into the Graffiti CMS System.

To start off I needed to make sure that I had Backups of both code bases and Data, just in case. But the good thing is that I was doing this test across the two development systems that I have, this way if it didn’t work no one would have known.

When using the migration tools that are included in the base install all I needed was the connection string to the Community Server 2007 Database and the Application Key that I was migrating from. In the case of my Community Server system it was the name of the blog. For example the Blog address in Community Server was <SiteURL>/Blogs/Mykre so the Application key was Mykre.

Then when you run the tool, the system connects to the Community Server 2007 Database and pulls back all of the post information for you, at this point you would select what Graffiti CMS Category you would like the posts added to as well as the Owner of the Posts. At the point that the posts have finished being collected you are given the choice of what posts you would like to migrate.

When finished the migration is almost complete, the last stage is to install a simple plugin that will allow the old Community Server 2007 Link format to redirect to the new Blog Posts.

I still have not finished yet, with my current site I have several Content files or Articles that I link to in several places. What I now need to do is work out how to recreate those and relink so that they can be migrated with out any problem.

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GraffitiCMS – A Really Easy system to Install

I have downloaded the Free version and gone through the install, The good thing is that it was a really easy install to go through. I did have a few small problems, but in the end It was me :). Maybe I should read the documentation more.

I have found that you need to make sure that you have all of the security right on the files and directories, this includes the User running the Application Pool for the web site.

But in the end it is done, and now I need to customize the solution.

First step is to make sure that if I am going to swap over all of my custom changes that I did in Community Server can be transferred across. By this I mean the advertising, and the CSModules I use in my Blogging.

The next Step is to make sure all of my current content can be migrated to this system.

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GraffitiCMS – Time to have a look

Over the last few years I have been doing a lot with Telligents Community Server. In that time I have rolled out several sites and help others with their configuration of Community Server, I have also written several add on Modules for the base system.

But lately I have been looking at the Graffiti CMS Project and thinking that it is about time I start to play with it. I do know that I have several clients that are planing web site rollouts and Graffiti looks like it will fit the bill. But I feel that I should be ready when that time comes, so for now I am setting up the system on one of my development servers to see how it runs and what I can do with it.

I know that this is a step away from my Game Development with XNA, but I do a lot of work with other technologies these include SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, Powershell and lots of other Microsoft Systems.

I plan on posting about the process that I go through so that others may learn from it, this may also include a Migration from Community Server 2007.

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Young Modeller – Modelling a Space Ship in Maya

I normally do not post things about Maya, but this morning I was going through my normal search’s and found a really good tutorial on Modelling a space ship in Maya. Now this model is nothing special but it will give you a good idea of the processes involved.

The part that I did like is the person that is doing the tutorial is 7 years of age, this shows that even the youngest person can do some 3d modelling, this should give hope to all those developers out there who say that they can not model anything.


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XNA Game – Retro Bubble Bobble

After posting about Bubble Blaster earlier I thought that it would also be nice to post about the following game on GameProjects.com.

Retro Bubble Bobble was release a while back on the XNA 1.0r and now it has been upgraded to run under the XNA 2.0 Framework. Drop over to the GameProjects site and download the game, included in the download is the source code for the game.

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