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Over the last few weeks Nick Gravelyn has been putting together a really good XNA Based Tile Engine Tutorial Series. Now I know that most of these videos have been large in size, and therefor hard for some to get hold of.

But to answer this Nick is willing to ship the Tutorial Series on DVD.

I’ve had a few requests so I thought I’d make a quick announcement. I am willing to burn and ship DVDs (or multiple CDs if necessary) for the tile engine series. This came up from people who had slow Internet connections or other restrictions that prevented them from being able to get the videos.

That in mind I’ve decided to produce and ship some DVDs to anyone interested. The pricing looks like this:

DVD shipped to United States/Canada: $15
DVD shipped to anywhere else: $20 (extra $5 for extra shipping costs)
CDs are $5 more than the DVDs because I have to burn two or three CDs for each DVD

For more information please read Nicks post on his Blog.

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