Xbox Gamer Tag Widget for Community Server 2008

Over the last few days I have ben testing the Community Server 2008 system, to do this I have made a copy of my production site and started to simulate what I currently have in the new framework.

One of the things that I have always used on my site is a small section of code to display my Xbox Gamer Tag on my Blog. But in the past I have had to either hack the theme and insert the code or use the News section to add it.

But with the release of Community Server 2008 the CS Guys have added Widgets to the system. So today I have sat down and done some coding. In the end I now have a customisable Widget that I can add to my Blog that will display my Gamer Tag. The good thing is that with they way that I have coded it I now have the choice to make this Widget available to all of the blogger’s or future blogger’s on my site for them to also use if they wish, without the need to recode the themes. It also means that if a use wants to use one of the pre designed themes and not show the card they can.

At the moment I do not want to release the code as I am planning on putting some more Widgets into the library, but if enough people Ask I will release it.

Also I am still undecided wether to continue with the Community Server System or have a look at Graffiti CMS… Still thinking, but if I do go to Graffiti CMS remember that all of the current content and links can be carried over.

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