ReMIX Australia and The Creators Club

Following the Blogs for the last few days it turns out that the Sydney event is now Sold out, for those going to the Melbourne event you had better get in quick.

What is ReMIX,

REMIX08 is your opportunity to experience all that is new in Silverlight 2, Expression 2, Internet Explorer 8, Windows Live and a host of other great web technologies coming fast and furious from Microsoft. You will also see how local Australian innovators are creating the next generation of engaging websites and unprecedented user experiences for the web.

On another note I will be there… So if you are going alone drop over the the Experts area where you can meet the local experts and learn from their experiences and ask them questions.

While you are there say hello to me as I have several Creators Club Memberships to give away as well as a couple of Zunes to show off the features of XNA 3.0 CTP.

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