Let the updates begin!

Vista now has some new Updates AND two (count em, 2!) Ultimate Extras for download.  Checked tonight at 9pm local and there they are!

KB930857 – Important – Issue with Windows Error Reporting.

KB929735 – Optional – Issue with incomplete results in Windows Search.

KB928089 – Recommended – Issue with IE Phishing Filter performance.

KB929427 – Recommended – Issue Known application Compatibilities.

KB931573 – Recommended – Issue WPA reactivation on OEM preinstalls.


The IE Phishing Filter doesn’t appear to have sped things up any.  I still get huge delays in IE7 on Vista opening http://www.msfn.org (not so with FF).

 The Ultimate Extras now include BitLocker and EFS Enhancements and Hold Em Poker.


KB articles don’t yet appear to be live.