VMware vSphere 4 client slow to load – fixed

I’ve been working with VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3.x for quite awhile now and recently we upgraded everything to vSphere 4.  Lately I’ve been noticing that the vSphere client has been getting slower and slower at loading up when launched.  It’s been getting so bad lately that I decided to figure out what the deal was with this.

Since this infrastructure started off life as version 3.5 and has been through several iterations of patching and build numbers before finally ending up at version 4.0.1, I figured that this could potentially be a factor in the client load time.

After checking the health of the SQL backend and doing some network testing I started poking around in the registry to see exactly what the client does when it loads.

I found the cause in the following 2 registry keys:

HKCU\Software\VMware\Virtual Infrastructure Client

HKCU\Software\VMware\VMware Infrastructure Client


Apparently, all the prior versions and settings get retained during updates / upgrades and seem to cause significant delays due to components referenced that no longer exist.


Simply delete both those keys (make sure the vSphere client is closed), then fire it up again and they will be recreated cleanly.  Beware that your prior connections in the dropdown list will be gone now as well as the SSL Certificates from the vCenter Server and Hosts.  You’ll trigger SSL warning popups again until you select the Import Certificate checkbox on the warning then select the Ignore button, however once this is done for each entity it is remembered.

This fix seemed to have restored the speed of the vSphere client launch back to normal again.


Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the same success.