vSphere 4.1 – where is my Host Update Utility?


After seaching high and low for a way to patch my standalone ESX4.1i Host, it became evident that the latest vSphere client (4.1) has deprecated the Host Update Utility.  What was VMware thinking??

There are two supported methods when your Hosts are not being managed by the vSphere Virtual Centre and VMware Update Manager:

1)  Using SSH, copy the patches locally on the ESXi box and use the esxupdate command directly from the Host.

2)  Use the vSphere CLI.


However….I don’t have time to learn yet another subset of command line lingo to get this done.  So, I figured I would work around the issue.


You CAN still use Host Update Utility if you want it.  Simply copy the following folder to a USB stick or alternate location: C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VIUpdate 4.0 and then copy it to the same location on a machine with the new client installed.  Do not overwrite the existing SSL folder in the new client location.

To launch it now simply double click VIUApp.exe directly from the location you just copied or create a shortcut on your desktop to it and use that instead.

It seems to work just as it should.