Windows Server 8 – disable Metro UI

Hey again,

I’ve been involved with some Windows Server 8 scenario testing via MS Connect invitation and have been extremely distracted with the new Metro UI.  I can apprecitate the fact the Microsoft wants to unify all Win 8 platforms and bring a host of new “look and feel” goodness to their Windows vNext line of OSes, however…..

This is a SERVER – so distractions such as the Metro UI and the fact that you really, really, really (get the point!) need a touchscreen to benefit from it make navigating very painful.

So….let’s disable it for testing anyway.

This only affects the currently logged in user.  If you can find it, run Regedit and navigate to the following key:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer

Change the value of RPEnabled to 0 (zero).


This has been blogged about elsewhere also, but I thought I would help spread the word – tested and working in the familiar interface once again.

More to follow…..


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