Composite Application Guidance for WPF (Prism) now goes to Silverlight 2.0

   As I said in a previous post Composite Application Guidance for WPF formerly known as “Prism” was made available and this was a great news because now the development of WPF solutions is easier and as a Guidance that will lead us all the way, helping us make the right choices whenever problems emerge. This is great but being Silverlight a subset of WPF, so wouldn’t be great to have the same kind of guidance for Silverlight 2.0?

   This is precisely what the team thought and then they started working on it and now we have some “spike’s” (A ’spike’ is a small and quickly developed sample application in order to mitigate some risks) being released that will do exactly this, as is announced by Ezequiel Jadib on his blog. It’s worth to check and I think it will be very interesting in the near future.

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