Microsoft Web Platform

    With the purpose of helping the Web developers Microsoft launched a new site called, Microsoft Web Platform that contains several elements with the goal of simplifying the life of those developers, with some of the contents being:

    This is not yet completed, but it’s a good idea and I’m certain that it will grow a lot in the near future.

    On this site we find 2 installer packages, that are:

  • Microsoft Web Platform Installer
    • This package is completely free and serves as a “Launcher” for the development of Web Solutions using Microsoft platform, because it installs IIS7, Visual Studio Web Developer 2008 Express Edition, SQL Server 2008 Express Edition and also .NET Framework
  • Microsoft Web Application Installer
    • This package will allow us to create easy installers for Web Applications in PHP or ASP.NET that will be installed on IIS.

    Without any doubt this is a good way to centralize contents for whoever develops or wants to develop solutions for the Web.

ASP.NET MVC Beta version Released

   Following the ASP.NET development this new MVC Framework is important because in some cases will be the right choice for the development process. The first releases had problems regarding AJAX integration and also poor set of controls, when compared to the ASP.NET Web Forms version, but with this version a lot has changed, and things like:

  • Better Visual Studio Support
    • Works with VS 2008 with and without SP1
    • Provides a new “Add View” option in the context Menu when developing the controller class
  • Supports jQuery
    • This has been a great progress for ASP.NET and it’s not only possible with ASP.NET MVC Framework
  • Strong Types
    • Changes in order to use Strong Types like:
      • UpdateModel
      • TryUpdateModel
  • Improved Unit Testing
  • Validation Errors
    • Adds support to IDataErrorInfo
    • Adds support for Dynamic Data Attributes
  • Integration between Silverlight and ASP.NET MVC Projects


   This are some of the new stuff in this new Beta release, and you can see more about it on Scott Guthrie’s Blog post that presents this subject.

    To start using it just download this version here.

Silverlight 2.0 RTM

    Finally the RTM version of Silverlight 2.0 is already available, as Scott Guthrie wrote on his subject related post. This is a very interesting news and that will allow all that are using and believe in this Microsoft technology can now improve their productivity in developing rich solutions.

     To get started you need the following:

  1. Install the RTM version of the runtime for Silverligth 2.0
  2. Install the Silverlight 2.0 Tools for Visual Studio
  3. Install Microsoft Expression Blend 2.0 SP 1
  4. Install Deep Zoom Composer

     To Learn:

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