Cloud Computing Conference 2009 – Overview of the Windows Azure and the Azure Services Platform

Luis Martins, Architect Advisor from Microsoft Portugal

Buzz Words

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Services
  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Services
  • PaaS – Platform as a Service

Microsoft’s Strategy in this case is “Software + Services” that can be more prepared here by David Chappell and in this whitepaper paper.

Why do we need the Cloud Computing?

Increase happiness by easing the IT problems


Think about an Expense Reporting processing system in the Cloud

Challenges Building Applications

  • How can I handle peak loads?
  • How do I provide high availability?
  • What are the upfront investment capital needed?

Platform Choices

  • On-Premises Servers
  • Hosted Servers
  • Cloud Platform
    • We need an OS for the cloud

What’s in the Cloud OS?

  • Creates a layer on top of the Cloud computing elements used
  • Increase the Utility Computing
    • 24/7 availability
    • High availability
    • Peak Loads

Windows Azure

  • Utility Computing
  • Think of several computers with Virtual Machines inside of each one (This is called Fabric)
  • Applications
    • Will be place across several machines in the fabric
  • Fabric controller is responsible for the management of the fabric and if some machine fails just calls another one
  • Defining your service
    • What are the components(roles) ?
    • How do they interact?
    • At what scale?
    • Basically:
      • LB
        • Load Balancer in order to have the availability being managed and balanced to all the available machines that support our application
      • Web Role
        • Application that will be on the cloud that will be made available
      • Worker Role
        • Asynchronous processing
  • Windows Azure is made to Scale out
  • Stateless compute + durable Storage = Scalable Application
  • Data Centers Microsoft
    • 5 known data centers
      • 4 in the US
      • 1 in Ireland
      • more to come, after the regulatory and legal problems that exist now with Cloud Computing have been solved
    • Something like 20.000 machines in there
    • All our data are placed on 3 different fault domains that will make almost impossible to lose data
    • What’s being used with this structure
      • Live ID
      • Live Messenger
      • Live Search
      • Live Meeting (in the next version)
  • Storage
    • Window Azure Storage
      • Durable Storage
        • Blob
          • Data Blocks like a file
        • Table
          • Not relational databases
        • Queue
          • Used to create asynchronous processing
      • REST API available

Promises of Azure

  • Microsoft runs your application
  • Don’t think about management costs
  • Grow the server as we need

Azure Vision

  • Windows Azure
  • SQL Services
    • Services
      • Data Services
      • Data Sync
    • Familiar SQL Server relational Database model
    • Support for existing APIs and tools
  • .NET Services
    • Services
      • Service Bus
      • Access Control
      • Workflow Services
  • Live Services
    • Services
      • Directory
      • Identity
      • Storage
      • Communications & Presence
      • Search & Geospatial
    • Live Mesh is the center of this Live Services vision
  • SharePoint Services
  • Dynamics CRM Services

Azure Services Platform Roadmap

  • Fall 2008
    • First CTP – Developer CTP for Services SDKs and Tools
  • Spring 2009
    • Updated CTPS
      • Enabled Full trust & Fast CGI
      • Geo-localization
  • Summer 2009
    • Making the business model available
  • Winter 2009
    • RTM version

How can we start?

  • Download SDKs and Tools
  • Get Invitation code
  • Review the hands-on labs and videos

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