Silverlight 3 with MEF support

   One of the things that I really thing would be important for Silverlight in order to make easier the Modularity of the Business applications developed in Silverlight, since the Prism approach is nice but I think that the MEF approach is simpler and so this should be a breakthrough for Silverlight Business Application Development.

   After some talks with Brad Adams from Microsoft and also posting some feedback I came to this very interesting post of Brad that talks about how can we use the MEF for Silverlight that was made available on the CodePlex site related to MEF.

   Brad make a very good example of the usage of MEF in this blog post.

   So enjoy the reading and good coding.

Update .NET RIA Services

Recently I posted about .NET RIA Services that is a framework that is associated with Silverlight and will make the development of business applications easier.

   So here a some more links in order to understand .NET RIA Services better.

Have a nice reading about .NET RIA Services

Silverlight 3 related information’s

Silverlight 3 has been release and now we have also the Unit Testing Framework binaries here that will help making Unit Tests in our solutions when using Silverlight 3. More information’s here.

Also important is the release of Prism Visual Studio Templates that will help developers get using the Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight, and make what seems to be hard, simpler, and also with the new MVVM pattern available.

Download the Prism Visual Studio Templates here.

Update to the Prism Visual Studio Templates here.

More information about the Prism Visual Studio Templates here.

Windows Azure SDK July update

Windows Azure has a new SDK release that is now available. A very interesting new feature is the possibility of having several Roles per deployment, unlike what happened in earlier releases where we would only be able to have one Web Role and also a one Worker Role. Another interesting feature is now we have the possibility to chose between a normal ASP.NET Web Forms application and a ASP.NET MVC application as the Web Role.

Download the Visual Studio Tools here.

Download the Windows Azure SDK here.

Windows 7 RTM Availability Information

  As you probably all know Windows 7 will be made available on October 22nd , but the release will be made in phases and so in order to know when you can get you RTM version here’s a summary:

  • For Partners & OEMs
    • ISV and IHV
      • English Version – August 6th on Microsoft Connect and MSDN.
      • Other languages – October 1st
    • Gold and Certified Partners
      • English Version – August 16th on Microsoft Partner Network
      • Other languages – October 1st
    • Action Pack Subscribers
      • English Version – August 23rd
      • Other languages – October 1st
    • OEMs
      • 2 days after the Official RTM Version
  • For Business Customers:
    • Volume Licensing with Software Assurance
      • English Version – August 7th via Volume License Service Center
    • Volume Licensing without Software Assurance
      • English Version – September 1st
  • For IT Professionals
    • English Version – August 6th via TechNet
    • Other languages – October 1st
  • For Developers
    • English Version – August 6th via MSDN
    • Other languages – October 1st
  • For Customers
    • October 22nd

More information here.