RIAPT Event – Microsoft /Web: Introduction to the Web Platform and Silverlight

Luis Alves Martins, Microsoft Portugal – luis.martins@microsoft.com

    Architect Advisor in Microsoft Portugal since 2008. Had several job positions in several different IT areas with special focus on the productivity improvement and creating value. Now focused on Solution Architecture, Software + Services, Cloud Computing and any other solution that can make the User Experience more exciting.

Microsoft new Mantra for the Web  – “Make Web, not war”

Microsoft Vision

  • Give a similar experience on the several different devices
    • Desktop, Laptop, Notebook
    • TV
    • Mobile devices (Phones, PDA)
    • XBOX
  • Using less tools as possible
    • Microsoft Visual Studio – Architect, Developer and Tester
    • Microsoft Expression Studio – Designer, Interactive Designer and Video Professionals

“Microsoft is a Web Committed company”

Web Platform Installer

  • Helps installing everything that is needed to start working with some technology or product

Microsoft wants to deliver the best UX

  • Multi-point Screen
    • Reacts to direct input
  • Multi-touch Screen
    • Reacts to multiple inputs
    • Orients UI to the direction of the touch
    • Spatial recognition
  • NUI – Natural User Interface
    • Reacts to gestures without having to touch anywhere

Basic Pieces for Web Development

  • Technologies
    • Internet Explorer
    • Html
      • Html
      • JavaScript
      • AJAX
      • Programming languages
        • ASP.NET
        • PHP
        • (…)
    • Rich Windows Applications
      • XAML + C#
    • Silverlight
      • Plug-in on top of the Browser
      • 500 M+ downloads
      • According to RiaStats, 63% of adoption in Portugal
      • Silverlight 4 Beta main features
        • Business Applications
        • Media
        • Beyond the Browser
      • Silverlight 4 flavors
        • Media
          • Raw WebCam and Microphone
          • Native MultiCast
          • Output Protection
          • Online and Offline Content Protection
          • H.264 Content Protection
          • Local Recording
        • Rich Experience
          • Fluid User Interface
          • Drag and Drop
          • Copy and past
          • Productivity Enhancements
          • Google Chrome support
          • Enhanced Performance
        • Business Applications
          • Printing
          • Forms Controls
          • WCF Ria Services
          • Enhanced Data Binding
          • Managed Extensibility Framework
          • Internationalization
        • Beyond the Browser
          • Trusted Applications
          • Render Html
          • Out-of-Browser
          • Notifications
        • Developer Tools
          • Visual Studio – in 12th April 2010 will be the release of the new Visual Studio 2010
          • Expression Studio

Server side Story

  • Software plus Services

Started Programs

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