MIX10 – Day One – Keynote

Bing Maps

Scott Guthrie

  • Silverlight
    • Media
    • RIA
    • Phone

   In PDC09 Silverlight was installed in 45% of the machines, currently is on 60%

    • Open Sourcing the Olympics Player
    • RIA
      • Now project Pivot is integrated in Silverlight 4 with a Pivot Control that will be shipped on the Toolkit
    • Great Tooling
      • VS2010
        • Full Silverlight Support
      • Blend 4
        • Free upgrade from Blend 3 is you already have the version 3
    • Silverlight 4 RC is now available and RTW will be out next month
  • Windows Phone 7
    • Silverlight
      • Fully hardware accelerated
      • Same programming model from the Silverlight. It’s exactly the same Silverlight from other platforms, not a light version.
      • Deep Zoom support
      • More Features:
        • Location and Map Control
        • Microphone & Camera
        • Push Notifications Support
          • Real-Time Applications notifications
        • Accelerometer support
        • Fun & Games
    • Visual Studio 2010
      • Real emulator. This is a virtual machine with Windows Phone 7 installed.
    • If you’re in a Windows 7 machine with Multi-touch you can use it on the emulator.
    • Expression Blend 4
      • John Harris presenting the Blend experience for Designing Windows Phone 7 Applications
      • Emulator is also available on Blend
    • Tools will be available for free for Windows Phone Development
    • Partner: Vertigo
      • Netflix project
      • Netflix application with all the information’s that we normally have in the site
      • Possible to integrate your own applications with the existing User Experience
    • XNA support


  • eBay last week open the Open eBay where you can develop Silverlight applications and monetize.

Joe Belfiore (Corporate VP Windows Phone – Microsoft)

  • Windows Phone
    • Silverlight Application developed for Windows Phone 7 – ArchType
    • Monetization cal be done with all the Silverlight capabilities or with the new Windows Phone Markerplace
    • 3rd party applications can be developed and installed on Windows Phone 7. Interesting demos about the diary as well as some other photo apps developed from 3rd party

    When can we get started.

    Windows Phone Developer Tools are now available to download for free.

    • VS 2010 for Windows Phone
    • Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone

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