MIX10 – Day One – The Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework

Michael S. Scherotter – Media Experience Evangelist – Microsoft

Mail – mishero@microsoft

Twitter – @synergist

Blog – http://blogs.msdn.com/synergist

Design Goals

  1. Out-of browser
  2. Offline applications
  3. Multiple Services Simultaneously
  4. Expression Blend
  5. A/B Testing
  6. SketchFlow Application
    • Important to track the information about how customers are using our sketch.
  7. Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework Player

Build upon Silverlight Behaviors


  • Application with the Analytics Services and the TrackAction will contact the DataCollector element that will send the information to the Event Log element.
  • If we are offline everything is working and the information will store all the information in the Isolated storage and whenever the application goes online all the Analytics Services will be contacted and informed about all the actions made offline.

A Complete set of Behaviors related to Silverlight Analytics are made available easily inside Blend in order to define what to track and to analyze.


  • Analytics Services Create Behaviors
    • Basically wraps Service Calls
  • Control Vendors Create Behaviors or Handler via MEF
  • Framework Comes with Visual Studio Templates

Building it

  • New Silverlight Class Library
  • Add new Item ”Analytics Behavior”
    • Template for developing Analytics Behaviors
    • Gives you access to Analytics Events that are placed in your application

Application Performance

  • Use the Pulse Behavior


  • Actually inside the Framework
  • Analytics Services
      • AT Internet
      • Google Analytics
      • Quantcast
      • Comscore
      • Nedstat
      • GlanceGuide
      • Preemptive Solutions
    • Controls
      • Telerik
        • Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework
        • Smooth Streaming Media Element
  • The ones that will be in the Framework
    • Analytics Services
      • Nielsen
    • Controls
      • Infragistics
        • Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework
        • Smooth Streaming Media Element

 Service Oriented Analytics

  • Platforms
    • WPF Analytics
    • Silverlight 4
  • Behavior that wraps the Endpoints and places the analytics in them, leveraging all the power of the Silverlight Analytics not only for Silverlight applications
  • http://msaf.codeplex.com
    • Open Source – MS-PL
    • Community Development
    • Beta Status
    • Learn from the code

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