Microsoft TechDays 2010 Portugal – Introduction to Silverlight 4.0

  During TechDays 2010 in Portugal I did a session about “Introduction to Silverlight 4.0”, that was really a level 200 session, which means that we were doing a lot of Intro to the New features of Silverlight 4.0, and having a clear insight about what we can do, and who is currently using it and with which results.

   So the session was based on the following:

  You can find this presentation here and on SlideShare:

I would enjoy very much to ear your thoughts about this presentation.

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Microsoft TechDays 2010 Portugal – “Workflow Services and Windows Server AppFabric – How they work great together”

   So in TechDays 2010 Portugal I did a session about “Workflow Services and Windows Server AppFabric – How they work great together”. Basically this session was sliced in the following parts:

  • Introduction
    • What are the Workflow Services?
    • What is Windows Server AppFabric?
  • How to achieve Coordination Of Work
  • How to achieve Message Correlation
  • How to do Monitoring with Windows Server AppFabric
  • How to do Persistence with Windows Server AppFabric
  • In terms of Farm Availability, How does AppFabric helps

   So these were the several topics of my presentation that can be found here.

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Microsoft TechDays 2010 Portugal – My Sessions Overall feedback

  So TechDays 2010 Portugal already ended and it was a very interesting 3 day Event. In terms of Contents I would say that it was one of the best I’ve ever been, and so I think that tells it all.

  In this years event I did several talks, in several different areas of expertise and I got some very positive feedback and also some very helpful feedback, that I’ll take into account in my next presentations.

  So in order to maintain the Sessions running, even though the event already ended I’ll post my materials here and would like to ear more comments from you, as well as answer all your questions, and do some more deep dive into the session contents and also the areas we talked about.

  So here’s a list of my TechDays 2010 Portugal talks:

  • “Workflow Services and Windows Server AppFabric – How they work great together”
  • “Scale your Data-tier with Windows Server AppFabric Caching”
  • “Event Driven Architecture: When, Why and How?”
  • “Introduction to Silverlight 4.0”
  • “Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework”
  • “WCF RIA Services – Deep-Dive”
  • “Entity Framework 4.0 and Beyond”

  I hope you find this several Sessions interesting.

VS Connections 2010 – Day One – Keynote

Bob Muglia – President of Server and Tools Business  – Microsoft

Announcement: Release of Visual Studio 2010

“Get In the Zone”

  • Multi-monitoring
  • Box Selection
  • Extension Manager
  • JQuery Integration
  • HTML code snippets

“Get Current

  • Windows Platform
    • Windows 7
      • Takes advantage of the Multi-Touch
      • Develops using the Ribbon
      • Native Support
        • Animation API
        • Native Ribbon Designer integrated into VS2010
        • MFC Class Wizard is Back
        • Multi-touch and Advanced Gesture Support
  • Sharepoint
    • Build Sharepoint Sites
    • Build WebParts
    • Features
      • Packaging Automation
      • Use Server Explorer for explore all the Sharepoint Site contents
      • Linq-to-Sharepoint
      • Real Debug Support
  • Silverlight
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows Server
  • Windows Azure
    • Windows Azure & Mobile Integration
    • WCF Sinks
    • EntityFramework support on Azure
  • SQL Server
    • A new Major release will be available in a few weeks


“Great Team Work

Announcement: Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere

  • Works on Several platforms, IDEs, and OS
  • ALM tools
    • Dependency Graph
    • Sequence Diagram – UML 2.1 compliant
    • Microsoft Test Manager
      • Creates the notion of an Actionable Bug
      • Capability to see
        • replay of what was done when the bug was generated
        • the steps to replay the bug
        • replay the tests that were already done to see be sure the bug was solved
    • IntelliTrace
      • Gives the capability to debug application with the code that was working when the trace was made.
    • Integration with Sharepoint
      • Availability of Dashboards about Project Status reports
    • Virtualized Test Environment

Step up Program is available until the end of April

  • You buy a lower end subscription of MSDN and get the next level edition for free