Visual Studio Live @ Las Vegas Presentations – Architecture Best Practices in Windows Azure

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go and speak in Visual Studio Live @ Las Vegas as it was scheduled, due to an illness that made it impossible for me to travel, and stay in bed for a few days.

But even if I wasn’t there I would like to share with you some of the points on this topic “Architecture Best Practices in Windows Azure”.

Here are 10 key Architecture Best Practices in Windows Azure:

  1. Architect for Scale
  2. Plan for Disaster Recovery
  3. Secure your Communications
  4. Pick the right Compute size
  5. Partition your Data
  6. Instrument your Solution
  7. Federate your Identity
  8. Use Asynchronous and Reduce Coupling
  9. Reduce Latency
  10. Make Internal Communication Secure

In some next entries I’ll go in-depth into each one of those.

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