Wimo fleet

This is my Windows Mobile fleet…. Well I wish it was!

This photo is the result of a small comunity get toghether here in Portugal at the Cascais Shopping Center.

For you to have an idea, we where 11 people (the owners of the devices) wich gives a great ratio of 1.72 devices per person 🙂

Imagine our annual meeting where we have arround 100 attendees, the number of devices that day!

3 thoughts on “Wimo fleet”

  1. Hello Gary,

    Thank you for your comments, it sure was a great day.
    Every event/session about Wimo here in Portugal are usualy very cool.
    I invite you and anyone who might be interested to come and attend one of our meetings.

    Best regards

  2. Nuno, thanks a lot for your invite! Attend one of these meetings would be a great pleasure for me, but im afraid that Portugal is little away from my homecountry!!!

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