E-mail distribution list on Windows Mobile


If you need to send e-mails to a distribution list and don’t have Exchange or any e-mail distribution list software and need to create small distribution lists to send e-mails on the go, then follow this simple guide as it worked fine for me:

  1. Create a new contact and name it for example “GroupList1”;

  2. Go to the e-mail field and add all the e-mails you need separated by semicolons;

  3. Save your list (contact);

  4. Open your e-mail account and on the BCC field add your new GroupList1 contact;

If all goes well that e-mail should arrive correctly to all recipients. I have only tried this using 3 recipients, so if you manage to do it with more please let me know.


5 thoughts on “E-mail distribution list on Windows Mobile”

  1. G’day nunoluz,

    Good work with the new blog – i hope that it works out well for you! I can’t seem to find many Windows Mobile MVP blogs – so hats of to ya!


  2. Hi Lee!
    Thank you for your words of support.
    I hope my blog may in some way help you or any other Windows Mobile users.
    Please feel free to drop a line any time you want.


  3. It appears that POOM (the Pocket Outlook Object Model), which is used to send email from MS exchange by Win Mobile, has a character limit around 350 characters, and requires the full email address. So if your email addresses are similar to “fname.lastname@company.com;”, then that’s 27 chars per email, hence a dozen addresses or so. I have not yet found a way around this. Would be exceptionally interested is there is a way around.

    Code snippet:
    Private Sub MenuItem2_Click( _
    ByVal sender As System.Object, _
    ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _
    Handles MenuItem2.Click

    Dim message As New EmailMessage
    message.Subject = _
    “TEST – Notification Test Message – TEST”
    message.BodyText = txtMessage.Text
    Dim lstTo As String =
    “fname.lastname@company.com;”, & _
    “fname.lastname@company.com;”, & _
    . . . .

    Dim client As New _

    Dim currentSession As New _
    currentSession. _
    MsgBox(“Message sent!”)

    End Sub

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