Clash of Titans!


Over at EngadgetMobile you can check out some live pics of three of the most modern and interesting mobile devices on the face of the earth: HTC Touch Diamond, Apple iPhone and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.

From the images you can now compare the physical size of these mega mobile devices.

My first conclusion was that the widest and taller is the iPhone, and the thinnest is the HTC Touch Diamond.

What do you think of these devices?


HTC X7510


I have been using for the past weeks the new HTC X7510 with Windows Mobile 6.1. This great device has a 16GB 🙂 internal drive and a very very nice haptic keyboard wich I really enjoy writting with.

And the VGA out is a killer feature to use this device as a laptop substitue in certain ocasions.

On the top of the cake there is the latest version of Windows Mobile wich seems to be faster a less energy consuming than WM6.

Also some very nice new features wich I will be discussing in the next posts making this device the overall best Wimo device in the “Substitute your laptop” categorie.

You can check some more photos here

4th PocketPT Mobile Technologies Seminar

4th PocketPT Mobile Tech Seminar 

I have been envolved in the past two weeks in preparing one of this year highlights on Mobile Technologies here in Portugal: The 4th PocketPT Mobile Technologies Seminar.

This one day event that will take place in the 21th of June at Microsoft Portugal headquarters, focuses on helping all types of users getting the most out of their devices and also get some hints on how to choose the device that better suits their needs.

On our programme, we will have several sessions from sponsors and also some sessions from our team including me who will be talking and demoing Windows Mobile 6.1. We will also be hosting some great Workshops on Bluetotth and GPS.

This year we count with sponsors such as mobile operator Optimus, HP, NDrive, Brightpoint, LG, Teksoft, Brando, SBSH and many many more.

We generaly get a pretty decent atendee rate, but this year it seems we are going to beat all the records.

So in case you are considering traveling to Portugal near the end of June you can come and learn more about Windows Mobile, spend  nice days with us and who knows win a Windows Mobile device from our sponsor.

You can visit the event website, and register for this free event here.

 See you there 😉

Read me my SMS’s!


TellMeText is a small but very usefull application from BlondieSoft that will read you your incoming SMS’s for example if you are driving, or working on your PC.

TellMeText can run in the background so it doesn’t interfere with your normal use of the device.

I just discovered this very nice piece of software when I was browsing FreeCabs.

Download it now from BlondieSoft

New version of PointUI


PointUI, an excelent UI for Windows Mobile, has been revamped and updated.

Version 1.5 now counts with support for Russian and Chinese Languages, built in contacts management and also a few bug fixes.

Whilst its not my favourite software during work days, by week-ends I tend to transform my PocketPC with this nice user interface and enjoy the great and smooth animations. I also love the touch FLO alike menu navigation, and the weather plugin.

Give it a try, its free 

News source: PocketPT

Windows Mobile 6.1 – What’s new? #1

WM 6.1 MEssaging 

Now that the first Windows Mobile 6.1 Devices are starting to hit the shelfes of resellers worldwide and some select devices are recieving ROM updates from OEM’s it’s time we get to know some great new features of the next version of this mobile OS by Microsoft.

To start this series of posts I am going to focus on messaging, wich is a very important feature either for end users or coporate users:

With Windows Mobile 6.1 you can now view your SMS’s from the same contact has a threaded conversation. Just like an instant messaging chat, this is quite usefull because it saves space in your inbox, and keeps your SMS history organized.

Anti-Spam filter for PocketPC


PocketPCSoft has had for some time a very usefull tool for POP3 accounts that have no anti-spam filters. This software is server independant which means you can centraly control your anti-spam filters localy on your PocketPC.

Here are some of the top features of this application:

  • Delete spam emails without downloading them

  • View and read your emails  

  • Check all your email accounts simultaneously  

  • Delete viruses and large attachments  

  • Create powerful filters (example) 

  • Filter by sender’s email or domain 

  • Filter by sender’s country

  • Thousands of predefined filters and blacklisted domains 

  • Automatically marks your Contacts as friends  

  • Compatible with all PocketPC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 / SE / WM5 devices 

 You can get more information and trial here.