Hanging with the Toshiba G910


This has been my machine for the past 5 days, and it is quite interesting: notice the fingerprint reader on the left bottom, I use as an application launcher and also to avoid tapping the PIN on the screen.

Also the screen as a new WVGA (wide-VGA) resolution of some incredible 800×400 pixels.

As a clamshell device, you have a nice LCD that gives you the time, appointments, SMS’s, lost calls and contacs.

Check out some more pictures here.

Almost Twins…


Phonescoop has managed to get their hands on two of the most interesting Wimo devices to hit the market on the next weeeks: the HTC Touch Diamond and the HTC Touch Pro.

In what concerns to specs, my choice goes to the HTC Touch Pro, however this photo comparison has left me a bit disapointed being much thicker than the Diamond.

If you want to see more, head over to phonescoop.com.

Sync your SMS’s with Outlook


Jeyo Inc. has a very nice Outlook extension named Jeyo Mobile Extender 2.5 for Outlook, that  allows the seamless and easy synchronization of text messages between Windows Mobile devices and Outlook.
Without a shadow of a doubt this extension has filled in a gap left by Activesync with overlooks SMS’s synchronization.
To me this nice $19.95 app has two features I much appreciate: SMS printing and also sycing SMS with different devices.
For more info and to give it a try,  click here.

Device password recovery with Exchange 2007


Being an Exchange admin with several users, and having to enforce password policies might be tricky at first, because people are not used to have a PIN or a password set on their mobile handset and tend to forget it until they get comfortable with this.

Exchange 2007 has a neet password recovery feature that can be reached by the user through OWA, or by the Exchange administrator through the Exchange Management Console over or via Exchange Management Shell using the following script:

Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -Mailbox:"alias" -ShowRecoveryPassword:$true

In order to activate this function you must create and Exchange Activesync Policy on the Client Access Option of Organization Configuration, and set the "Enable password recovery" property.


If the user ever forgets its PIN, he sould then browse over to OWA and in the Options panel choose “Devices”, select the device they want to recover the PIN and click the button that says “Display Recovery Password”.


A new password is then generated and should be entered on the device.

In order to enter the new password on the device without resetting it, in the keypad screen you must go to “Menu- Reset Password” and then insert your new PIN.


Afterwords you will prompted to enter the recovery password provided in OWA.


If all goes well you should have successfully reset your PIN/Password.



Today there were announced two free applications for Windows Mobile:

3D Nine Hole Golf


Microsoft is offering this 3d golf game at Windows Mobile Owners Circle.

This a quite interesting 3D golf game with 3 courses you can try your skills before going for the 9th hole with you boss.


Mobile Football Euro 2008


This one I found out over at Jason’s blog and its a free application that allows you to stay up to date with your team’s results.

You can download it from NoShape’s dedicated website the company that developed the application.

Follow the Euro anywhere…

Euro 2008 pocket pc 

Querie has just released an application that allows anyone to get updates and info about the European Soocer (or Football) Championship.

Here are the main features:

  • Information about the next game;

  • Stadium info, including GPS coordinates;

  • Team info, including player photos;

  • Games info, with scores, replacements and yellow and red cads shown; 

  • Stats, top scorers and players with disciplinary infractions.

  • The Euro 2008 PocketPC, comes in 6 languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, German and Italian.

  • On-line updates.

For $8.10 you can get your copy at handango

More information and screenshots here .


Windows SideShow for Windows Mobile!

Windows Slideshow Mobile 

Windows Sideshow is now avaliable for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6 devices. This release is only a Beta and intended for Developers. However if you wish to try some of the great features like controlling Windows Media Player or Powerpoint from your device via Bluetooth, I advise you to download this small application here.

There few are steps you must take:

  1. Install the CAB file on your device;

  2. Create a Bluetooth partnership from your PC (Microsoft BT drivers recomended);

  3. On the device properties go to bluetooth services select Windows Sideshow;

  4. If prompted to install a driver get the files here;

  5. Finaly go to your control panel – Windows Sideshow and activate the gadgets you wish;

The Powerpoint gadget is not avaliable by default so I recomend downloading it from here.

You will need Windows Vista 32 or 64 Bit edition. Developers might want to take a look here