Windows SideShow for Windows Mobile!

Windows Slideshow Mobile 

Windows Sideshow is now avaliable for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6 devices. This release is only a Beta and intended for Developers. However if you wish to try some of the great features like controlling Windows Media Player or Powerpoint from your device via Bluetooth, I advise you to download this small application here.

There few are steps you must take:

  1. Install the CAB file on your device;

  2. Create a Bluetooth partnership from your PC (Microsoft BT drivers recomended);

  3. On the device properties go to bluetooth services select Windows Sideshow;

  4. If prompted to install a driver get the files here;

  5. Finaly go to your control panel – Windows Sideshow and activate the gadgets you wish;

The Powerpoint gadget is not avaliable by default so I recomend downloading it from here.

You will need Windows Vista 32 or 64 Bit edition. Developers might want to take a look here

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