Device password recovery with Exchange 2007


Being an Exchange admin with several users, and having to enforce password policies might be tricky at first, because people are not used to have a PIN or a password set on their mobile handset and tend to forget it until they get comfortable with this.

Exchange 2007 has a neet password recovery feature that can be reached by the user through OWA, or by the Exchange administrator through the Exchange Management Console over or via Exchange Management Shell using the following script:

Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -Mailbox:"alias" -ShowRecoveryPassword:$true

In order to activate this function you must create and Exchange Activesync Policy on the Client Access Option of Organization Configuration, and set the "Enable password recovery" property.


If the user ever forgets its PIN, he sould then browse over to OWA and in the Options panel choose “Devices”, select the device they want to recover the PIN and click the button that says “Display Recovery Password”.


A new password is then generated and should be entered on the device.

In order to enter the new password on the device without resetting it, in the keypad screen you must go to “Menu- Reset Password” and then insert your new PIN.


Afterwords you will prompted to enter the recovery password provided in OWA.


If all goes well you should have successfully reset your PIN/Password.


7 thoughts on “Device password recovery with Exchange 2007”

  1. For some reasons, I could not unlock my device even I entered the right password. Could I use the steps above to reset the windows mobile password? No connection has been made between Exchange Server 2007 and the device before.

    Grateful if you could help.

  2. Hi!
    Windows mobile 6.5 shows a new GUI for unlocking the device. I’ve not found the “Reset password” function yet…

    Did anyone?

  3. In the Exchange Management Console, the enable password recovery option is checked on the password tab in the sync policy in organization configuration>client access but it is greyed out in recipient configuration>mailbox>manage mobile device. How can this be used?

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  5. Does this password recovery feature work on devices other than Windows Mobile?

    I see all these options in Exchange Management Console, as well in OWA, but the password recovery field is blank…

    Any ideas?

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