LG Today Plugin and PSNotes


I have made a short video using SOTI Pocket Controller about the great today plugin that comes with the LG KS20.

Although it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other comercial plugins avaliable I can tell you its quite pratical and helps the one hand use of the device.

I am also demoing in the video a very very cool application that comes with this device and is called PSNote.

PSNote allows you to take notes of course, but it has a built in character recognizer that I can tell you that works just great.

You can also insert movie clips, images, and audio in your notes, and make colourfull drawings.

To me this is one of the most complete and interesting notes application.

LG KS20 first impressions


I have been lucky enough to recieve a brand new LG KS20, which I am right now exploring.

A few features I am liking allot are:

  • Wifi
  • Weight – only 92.5 grams!!
  • Fast – 400Mhz processor
  • Very nice screen – though not as bright as my Samsung i780
  • FM Radio
  • Stylish

On the down side:

  • Only proprietary audio output and AC plug
  • Windows Mobile 6 instead of 6.1

I am leaving you a picture and hope to have more tomorrow along with a video about the interface and extra apps.

FREE GPRS counter



Acording to the author of this freeware, LCMinutes is designed to monitor phone usage: how many free minutes, free long distance minutes, free SMS allowance, and free data allowance have been used? what is the current charge? Or for prepaid plan, what’s the current balance and its expire date?

So as you see this can be quite usefull to avoid huge bills..

Download PocketPC or Smartphone version.

Samsung i760 gets Wimo 6.1 update


I just read over at WMExperts that Samsung has just released the Windows Mobile 6.1 update for the Samsung i760.

Thats great news especialy for Verizon clients who have one, and will also see some major bug correction:

  • Applied, several Bluetooth improvements (updated BT DUN profile, improved scanning)
  • Applied, support for YouTube videos
  • Applied, Qualcomm patch
  • Fixed, memory leakage by replacing POOM API
  • Fixed, notification malfunction under certain conditions
  • Fixed, certain conditions prevented delivery of MMS
  • Added, MEID support (included in BC04 MR)
  • Added, WLAN chipset enhancement (included in BC04 MR
  • Here is the link for the update: one for Vista PC’s and other for XP users;

    I am still sitting and waiting for the i780 and the Moto Q9 update for Windows Mobile 6.1, so when they come out I will be sure to announce them here.

    30 days 30 apps


    Chris Craft a fellow MVP as put himself to a challenge: developing 30 diferent application for Windows Mobile in 30 days.

    He wanted to do this in order to show novice programmers how easy it is to make a small app for Windows Mobile using the .NET Compact Framework.

    Because whenever I can I also do some programming, I found this challenge very interesting and I also believe many of you will, so hean on to Chris Craft’s Weblog and learn more about all the 30 app he made with the source code.