Media Center Sideshow Gadget


Sideshow is getting more and more interesting, and so is Windows Mobile.

Now you can also control your Media Center PC, acording to Arne Hess of The Unwired you can

interact with your Media Center enabled Windows Vista PC by providing following functionalities:

  • TV
    • Browse TV and schedule recordings. Browse the TV program guide, view metadata on upcoming or current shows, and pick shows to watch and record (single showing or series), without interrupting the TV viewing experience.
    • Recorded TV. Select a previously recorded program to play back, without interrupting the viewing experience on the TV.
  • Music
    • Play Music. Browse the media library, control music playback on the PC by using the remote control device instead of the primary display, such as a TV.
    • Play radio presets. Browse your radio presets and playback that station through your Media Center.
  • Pictures & Videos
    • Browse the picture and video libraries. Make a selection on the remote and that picture or video will be displayed on the TV.
  • Now Playing
    • Provide "now playing" information. The remote control device shows information about the currently playing medium, such as the track title or the time elapsed.

This is still a Beta, but you can download it and try at Microsft Connect.

Of course you are required to have a Windows Vista machine to use this.

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