R2-D2 Projector – out of this world!


I heard about this projector earlier but it wasn’t until I saw this video from akihabara news that I totally felt in love with the thing!

Not only it is a video-projector with a DVD player incorporated, but it also lets you connect an ipod (I would like it better if it was a WM device).

In the package comes a nice remote that is a scale model of the Millennium Falcon, and get this: you can remotely control the R2-D2 droid, since it comes with an electric motor.

This incredibly cool gadget is made by well known RC maker NIKKO and you can learn more about it here.

If you feel compelled to buy it, you can do so by spending $2,995.00 at StarwarsShop.com.

FotoFlash – handle your photos, the Surface way!


Twolf has made a very interesting Flash program that thanks to Flash Lite can be used in virtualy any Windows Mobile 6.1 device or after installing in any WM 6 / 5.0 and 2003 devices.

With this you can handle your images and photos with your fingers or stylus almost lie you would with a Microsoft Surface table.

As the author describes:

Press and drag the pictures to move them around.
Click the right-bottom tip to strech it.
Click the top-left tip to rotate it (still some bugs here).
With the extra EXE you can add your own pictures.
Keypad up/down for high/low quality.
Press enter to exit the application.
To add your own pictures, just place img_1.jpg (1,2,3… maximum 8) with 320×240 px in this folder:
> For WM6 (not sure about WM5) the folder is /Application Data/Volatile/FotoFlash
> For WM2003 the folder is /temp/FotoFlash
If for some reason this is not the folder, run it once and search for a folder called FotoFlash with your Explorer application.
As always, sourcecode and EXE’s included in the zip.

To download this free app and its sources click here.

You can find some more nice apps from twolf such as rpplies WaterRipple and Flash Fixe here.

Access you Windows Mobile file system from your PC!


I have been looking for quite a while for a solution that would allow me to share folders located on my Windows Mobile device and make them available to my PC.

Unbelievably most solutions help you accessing you PC from you device, but the opposite is much more hard to find.

Nevertheless I have found a free software that allows the access to the Windows Mobile file system from the network.

It is called Mocha FTP and acts just like an FTP server, allowing users to connect via the IP address.

This is quite useful if you wish to exchange files between a PC and a WM device.

In order to keep all your documents safe you can configure the access to be anonymous or authenticated and define a user and password.

To download this great freeware click here

Zeemote JS1 Controller


I have been pointed out to a very interesting device that would allow me to play games on my Samsung i780 very well.

The Zeemote Js1 conttroler is a very fancy joystick that will allow you to control your character or car in games that are prepared.

But since this device uses Bluetooth standards I wonder if it might be usable as a mouse aswell.

The design and general idea are quite interesting and there are allready tens of companies partnering up with this solution for mobile gaming, and an SDK avaliable for developers.

To learn more visit Zeemote’s website.

WM 6.1 on Moto Q9h


I just go a hold on the Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM for my Q9h and i can tell you it looks tremendous!

I have been trying it for the past few days, and totaly fell in love with the sliding panels and the blue AT&T theme.

I also like the Windows Media Panel that allows me to play musics from the Home Screen.

The auto-completion for e-mail addresses is also great.

All in all Windows Mobile Standard just got better.

Mobile bloging for community blog


Finally I found a piece of software that allows mw t create blog posts right from my mobile device. I tested others but none worked with community server blogs, and because I am currently on vacation this feature is quite welcome to me.
Pretty cool is also the fact that it supports sending and publishing images.
The software is free and is called Diarist. I am leaving you a screenshot of the writing of this bkog entry so you can see how it looks like to make a blog entry from this neet software.
You can get Diarist here.