FotoFlash – handle your photos, the Surface way!


Twolf has made a very interesting Flash program that thanks to Flash Lite can be used in virtualy any Windows Mobile 6.1 device or after installing in any WM 6 / 5.0 and 2003 devices.

With this you can handle your images and photos with your fingers or stylus almost lie you would with a Microsoft Surface table.

As the author describes:

Press and drag the pictures to move them around.
Click the right-bottom tip to strech it.
Click the top-left tip to rotate it (still some bugs here).
With the extra EXE you can add your own pictures.
Keypad up/down for high/low quality.
Press enter to exit the application.
To add your own pictures, just place img_1.jpg (1,2,3… maximum 8) with 320×240 px in this folder:
> For WM6 (not sure about WM5) the folder is /Application Data/Volatile/FotoFlash
> For WM2003 the folder is /temp/FotoFlash
If for some reason this is not the folder, run it once and search for a folder called FotoFlash with your Explorer application.
As always, sourcecode and EXE’s included in the zip.

To download this free app and its sources click here.

You can find some more nice apps from twolf such as rpplies WaterRipple and Flash Fixe here.

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