TV-out cable for Samsung Omnia and i780


A Portuguese retailer and other European as well are announcing the availability of TV-out cable for the Samsung Omnia.

This is quite an interesting surprise since no information about TV-out capabilities was ever disclosed by Samsung.

It also seems that the i780 and other devices could be compatible with this cable although this is still to be confirmed.

The cable is now for sale costing only 14,90€.

14 thoughts on “TV-out cable for Samsung Omnia and i780”

  1. Samsung Dealers here in Cebu seem to have no idea at all about Omnia TV-out cables. How can Samsung have a blunder regarding this. Having a TV-out feature and not having a TV-out cable for sale. Nokia N-95 and N-96 even have the TV-out Cable included in the package. I regret buying this Omnia for this reason.

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