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I have been using for the past days a Redfly, which is a really great concept for those who need a way to dramatically improve text entry and document and web page viewing.

With an 8″ screen and up to 8 hours of work time this laptop alike device connects to both Windows Mobile Standard and Professional Smartphone’s and really opens a whole new world.

You can also connect and use a USB mouse, keyboard or even a USB Flash disk.




The connection to the host device is quite easy and can be made via USB allowing the host device to charge, or via Bluetooth enabling you to have your Smartphone well protected in your pocket or briefcase and freely work on the Redfly.

One of my fears on using this type of solution was the speed of the screen refreshment, but I soon realized I could work quite fast just as if I was working with my i780 with the only difference of 5″ more of screen and a reasonably sized keyboard.




In order to use the Redfly you must first install a small CAB file on the device, which can be installed Over The Air from CelioCorp’s website.

After the first time connection it is able to pair the device via Bluetooth with the Redfly in quite a simple manner: one stroke of a key (the Redfly key) and then a tap on the screen – the Authorize button.




The Redfly then creates a partnership with the device that can be activated straight from the Redfly with the device on standby and up to 10 meters from the Smartphone.

It can also save multiple partnerships for user convenience. I now find myself using the Redfly when sitting at café or snack-bar without getting my i780 out of my pocket. I then use the 780’s Wifi built in capabilities to connect to a nearby hotspot to browse the web and check my e-mail on 800×480 pixel resolution screen.




Given I am also a trainer and give several public presentations, the VGA-out is a plus that makes this a great combination.

The process of connecting to a screen or projector is quite straight forward and common to most notebook PC’s.




Image gets displayed in perfection, though you cant really play with resolution unless you use a program like RealVGA in the case of the Samsung SGH-i780, and again refreshing is very fast.




While web browsing can sometimes be a pain with Internet Explorer Mobile, when used through the Redfly PIE really shines, believe me!




Another great aspect of having one of these things is remote controlling: with RDP and an 8″ screen you can really get that server desktop fit in the screen!

One of the interesting things I found is that the right mouse button is supported and works great for common copy, cut, paste operations and can be used with either a USB mouse or from the included mouse pad.




Being light, small and stylish the Redfly came between me and my HTC X7510, which I will be retiring soon because overall the Redfly has more arguments that make the difference to me in some day-by-day actions and really improves the way I work and communicate.




You can find out more on Redfly from CelioCorp’s Website.

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