Steve Balmer’s interview


Microsoft’s CEO gave an interview to a Portuguese TV news station where he talked about Windows mobile and the iPhone as being an expensive and not business wise device.

He says that the iPhone is not good to write an e-mail and even the reporters agreed with him. He also mentioned the sales of Windows Mobile being much larger than the iPhone and the fact that the licensing model must continue to be paid. As for the Android he doesn’t understand how Google’s business model could make win money.

In sum Windows Mobile is a more wide platform since it has a broad set of devices and a very rich software offer that should, in my opinion, be paid so that it can improve and get even better looking and have more features added. 

I must say that after testing an iPhone I completely agree with him, and I think that apart from the nicely developed user interface and the sleek design it is a shortcoming for what I want on a Smart Device.

Click on the following link to watch Steve Balmer’s interview video.

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