Wizi – location sharing network


Wizi is the new way to share your location and traffic information with friends and fellow citizens. This free solution was designed by a Portuguese company and according to them is defined as:

A location based social network. It uses GPS and cell ID to define the location of each community member and calculates the travel time between friends using user generated data. Users can also send free messages and display photos and other information in the member’s map location. Privacy is totally maintained and each user can easily select what to disclose, when he wants and with whom he wants to. Wizi can be used anywhere in the world since you have Internet connection and GPS signal / cellular network.

Wizi is a free application. However it requires data transfer and it is strongly recommend our users to have a fixed data plan with their operator.
With Wizi you can avoid traffic jams and save time when driving in the city. For families, Wizi tells instantly where the kids are or when family members leave work or arrive home. Friends can use Wizi to share photos of their location or to find the best club at night where the rest of the group is. Colleagues can coordinate their arrival at meetings in a way never possible before.


The application is available for both Windows Mobile Standard and Professional and you can create an account and download it here.

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