I really miss my cradle…


One of the items I really miss to see when opening a new Windows Mobile device packaging is the Docking Station or if you wish the Cradle.

This item was pretty common back in 2000 when I first bought my iPaq 3630, and in the coming years. However, trying to get devices at cheaper prices and changing the focus to extra software like Navigation software on a memory card, and others changed this trend and now this tradition has been lost.

Ever since this happened, and every time I open a package of a new device, I always fell like there’s something missing, like if the extras are a bit shortcoming of what I would like.

Lately the only hardware maker that surprised me was Samsung by including a battery charger and an extra battery on the SGH-i780.

What do you think of this? Would you like to see cradles again when you open your new device? If not What other piece of accessories would you have like to see bundled with your future device?



One thought on “I really miss my cradle…”

  1. Hi Nuno,

    I totally agree with you, you’re right and if we have in consideration that some of the new portable devices which have been raising up this year, are high tech and “fashionable” devices, it would be very nice to have it as a pack, if a docking station was included.
    Diamand is the best example. Dock station exist and costs 46€, and has to be bought separately.
    If we look at the money we spend on buying the types of high tech devices, it would be rair enough to have for free.

    Nokia does it on their high priced devices, like the 8800.
    I had the metallic 8800, and it very cool and useful to have the cradle. Plus it had a second place for the 2nd battery… wonderful!

    I’m with you on this item, and YES, new high tech devices should come with dock station.


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